Werewolf: the Devil’s Hound movie on DVD

On December 4, 2007 a new werewolf movie was released on DVD called Werewolf the Devil’s Hound….a new movie about werewolves!! Finally!!
That is the good news….the bad news is that Werewolf, The Devil’s Hound – according to some reviewers – is just not that good a movie.  Reviewers site bad acting, bad camera work, and bad effects…now, I haven’t seen the movie myself so cannot comment directly, and there are also a couple of good reviews, so don’t let me sway you either way! My advise would be to visit Amazon and read some reviews for yourself….or visit Werewolf” The Devil’s Hound official movie site for a better idea of what the movie is about. Obviously is not a Steven Speilberg movie, so keep an open mind when your making your decision!



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  1. This might be good, you never know I have seen B werewolf movies before and mostly they are funny

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