werewolf transformation a survival response?

There is a theory that one method to become a werewolf werewolf survivalis a direct and involuntary result of the extremity of the situation the human finds himself in. The idea behind this theory is that it is not a curse or virus or accident of birth that causes the werewolf transformation, but rather it is being subjected to some type of extreme condition. The extreme condition or situation calls upon a latent, subconscious ability or instinct that the human has which results in a transformation into something more powerful that can better handle and cope with the situation – a werewolf.

Is the werewolf transformation simply a survival response?
This is an interesting theory that needs looking into further. It is widely known that when a human is under stress or in a dangerous situation their body involuntarily produces a survival response. One example of this is adrenaline – a remarkable hormone that can cause a human to have remarkable powers. Adrenaline can cause blood vessels to dilate, the heart rate to increase, and air passages to expand. These physical changes in the body can cause the human to have more power and strength than before – a reaction that the body intends the human to use to defend itself. There have been many documented accounts of super-human strength of people in dangerous situations with adrenaline coursing through their body – things that could never be done under normal circumstances- things such as women lifting entire cars off their children!

Evolutionary adaptation could explain…
The idea that the werewolf transformation may occur due to some type of evolutionary adaptation / involuntary response to an extreme sitaution is therefore within the realm of possibility. This could account for why some report that they are unable to control the transformation. This could also account for why some report no memory of transforming into werewolves (many known emergency or stress reactions in the body can cause memory loss – perhaps if werewolf transformations are a response to stress, they do as well!)

Is it true, is this how to become a werewolf?
I think that it is certainly possible that this could be a way in which the transformation process could happen, however I do not think it is the only method, nor do I think it is even the most common method in which one would become a werewolf – there are just too many stories in cultures throughout the world that point to other more common causes of the werewolf transformation.   This theory is however incredibly interesting especially considering its more scientific approach and could certainly be the cause of some rarer types of transformations.



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4 Responses

  1. CreatureFeature says:

    I’d never thought of that theory! That’s very interesting… it gives it a lot more of a “scientifical approach”.

    How many theories are out there…? I’m getting all dizzy just thinking about it. :/

  2. Waldorf says:

    I never thought about that myself. One theory I have worked with at least in m life is that were’s are born latent with the ability to BECOME a were, but it may or may not be realized in this lifetime.

  1. September 29, 2011

    […] the innocent while the looters take to the streets and people turn on each other because of their natural survival instincts. Though the werewolf has survival instincts too in this scenario the werewolf would not need to […]

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