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First of all there is absolutely no proof to be had that animals have souls, as we all know humans are “one of a kind”, to say that a rat has a “soul” is something similar to saying that the devil or the werewolf has one too.  Dare we return to the “fact or fiction” type of discussion?

Your other question is tricky also!

You ask me, “do you think a werewolf is a monster or an animal”? But you just read me the possible answer to the werewolf quiz question too!

One of your definitions says that an animal is anything other than human. We can all agree on this fact! A werewolf, when transformed, is not human. The monster definition seems to be a varitation of the animal definition, by your given definition a monster could also be an animal. So, the two definitions would put the werewolf into a sub-category of either animal or monster.

So Buddy, you still believe that a werewolf has a soul?  Partly because you believe animals have souls?! We are assuming that we as humans have a soul and are setting aside the possibility of this “soul” only being created by our brain or thoughts. So, assuming again, that we have souls, Mr. Werewolf must be one special animal, monster, and or devils associate to be able to go through life and be unaware is it’s actions, feeding endlessly, and or killing upon any instinct possible.

A werewolf has no soul.

A werewolf is a  monster and animal.

One comment posted here said werewolves do not change or transform under the full moon. If they do not do it under the full moon then when do werewolves transform?



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. Lycanhope says:

    @Jacob: This just keeps getting weirder and weirder to me.
    Ok, pain during shifting, not as common as you’d think. Most shifters I know describe physical shifting as painless or good pain, and if your dad was worried then I guess your expression was not one of good pain.
    Eye shifts, when it comes to changing colour, are quite common in people as well as shifters. Complete shifts, where the whole eye changes, are rarer and a shifter-only thing. If your entire eye changed colour, including the whites, then you probably went through a complete shift. Kudos.
    My conclusion: your dad either has a decent amount of knowledge, or he’s completely bonkers and hit on some accurate descriptions by accident. Either way, my answer’s the same: go with it. If he knows what he’s talking about then you have a live-in teacher, something the majority of us would die to have. If he’s crazy, at least you’ll have fun, as long as he’s “safe crazy” and not doing anything that could harm you or others.

  2. Jacob says:

    Thanks, and he knows what he is talking about. And i dont think i shifted by ”my” will, something may have caused it, which may explain the pain. Thanks for helping me out. I look forward for him to teach me everything so that i can one day lay this mystery to rest.

  3. astute newt says:

    you should ask him the set of circumstances that induced the shift

  4. astute newt says:

    sorry I was getting my usual avatar back, I’ve grown rather fond of it.

  5. Jacob says:

    he described the situation as: my dad and mom fighting, she hit him with a plate, she left, i shifted, he worried, end story. could high levels of emotional stress or a single emotion trigger a shift?

  6. Jacob says:

    Oh, do not worry she is back and they are doing fine.

  7. Jacob says:

    So we just had a looooooooong talk and: I am a ”for sure” werewolf and we are going to leave the past alone until he reaches a conclusion. Thanks for all the help lycanhope and astute newt.

  8. werewolfdude123 says:

    am i a werewolf?ive checked everything, i show all the signs, and yesterday, i suddenly got sick (before a full moon)

  9. astute newt says:

    my diagnosis would come more easily if I knew your age. Ex. if you’re 11-19 maybe, if you’re like 27 for instance the answer is probably 99.99999% in the no position.

  10. lonewolf123 says:

    Lol, astute, u gave him a reason to say something untrue.

  11. astute newt says:

    ahh, but you see nothing when I have baited the trap. it’s much more fun to call someone out on their lies and then dissect their statement one tiny piece at a time. but all that could be avoided if they just tell the truth.

  12. lonewolf123 says:

    Nice one. now dissect this: I throw skittles when i get mad!

  13. That’s just weird, Lonewolf. I punch things when I get mad. 😀 Lolz!!!

  14. lonewolf123 says:

    Actually, i do throw skittles or the nearest edible item when I get mad to confuse them, then I kick them in the shin. then they fall over, and i stomp on them.

  15. werewolfdude123 says:

    im 10, and im pretty much only 1 that i know thats my age that does reasearch on mythical creatures, like werewolfs have the same weaknesses as a reg. human

  16. werewolfdude123 says:

    werewolfs rock.vampires dont.werevamps(werewolf/vampire)eh, half half.

  17. werewolfdude123 says:

    roflol lonewolf

  18. werewolfdude123 says:

    roflol lonewolf

  19. werewolfdude123 says:

    OMG!!!!!y will no 1 answer me!!!??gettin pissed off right now!!

  20. Lori J. Schiele says:

    I have to disagree that “an animal is anything other than human”. Where does the put trees and rocks and minerals and all the other things that cover Mother Earth? They are neither animal NOR human!

  21. astute newt says:

    now don’t go introducing logic into it.

  22. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:


  23. werewolfdude123 says 'syal`' says:


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