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Does anyone besides me not know that there was a Werewolf TV Show?  The show was called Werewolf, and it was a television series that aired during the 1987-1988 TV series season on Fox.  The tv show was about a werewolf named Eric Cord who became a werewolf by being bitten by his rommate Ted (who of course was a werewolf). He’s forced to kill his roommate with a silver bullet, but becomes a werewolf himself in the altercation.  The cable station Chiller aired the Werewolf TV Series shows in June.  I did find it surprisingly hard to find the werewolf TV show on DVD, but it is out there if you can find it. For example, you can find theWerewolf TV Series on DVD. I’ve never seen it myself, so don’t know if it’s worth the purchase.   You might try putting pressure on Chiller to see if they’ll run the TV series again on their channel, they just might! Then you can Tivo it and own the series yourself pretty simply.

Update: The release of the werewolf TV series has been delayed or canceled due to soundtrack rights. Don’t expect news about the Werewolf TV Series to happen any time soon!



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28 Responses

  1. Howler says:

    It’s not worth purchasing. I remember that show and actually watched it when it was on. The werewolf guy ends up being hunted, kind of like how David Banner was hunted by the reporter, Mr. McGee, in, The Incredible Hulk. Only this hunter wants to shoot the werewolf with a gun, not a camera. I’m surprised that it never turned up on the Sci-Fi channel.

  2. Eddie Quist says:


    You’re smoking crack. The series was great!

  3. travis says:

    i was like 6 when i first watched it. and it was just as cool now as it was then. i love werewolfs there needs to be more good movies and tv shows. i read a book once howling 4 best book ever!

  4. TheWolf says:

    Werewolf starred “the rifleman” star Chuck Connors. It was an excellent series for it’s time, and if you are feeling nostaligic, then it is still great. Wolf Lake was another good werewolf series starring some high profile actors/actresses. Lou Diamond Phillips, Mia Kirshner, Sharon Lawrence, Graham Green, and many others. My favorite werewolf flick ever is “The Howling”, but that may be because the make-up artist who did the effects for that movie, Mr. Bob Bottin, used to live in my neighborhood, and my brother, and I used to hang out at his house. Coolest…Guy…EVER!!!! Some new werewolf series out in books are the “Women of the Underworld” series by Kelly Armstrong, the “Mercedes Thompson”, and the “Alpha and Omega” series both by Patricia Briggs. If you are interested in one of the best werewolf comic series to see print I strongly recommend “Dreamwolves” by Daniel Presidio. The Draemonom Studios version was better than the London Night Studios version, but if you are a diehard fan, then get both by all means. Pity it was such a short run. Current werewolf releases are really sparse. The last decent movie I saw was Cursed. Darkwolf was basically trash, and there is another movie out which is basically just a rip off of “Fright Night”, but with werewolves, and without Roddy McDowell. I also liked “Full Eclipse” strangely enough. The premise was interesting. Hope this kinda gives you some new material to chew over.

  5. Mahindra Patel says:

    I remember the TV trailer for this and everyone excited about this new werewolf show.
    It started good with the first 2 episodes but quickly spiraled downward after that. John J. York was good to look at but his acting was horrendous! It’s like he didn’t finish his full semester at the acting school he was going..believe me, he wasn’t a natural. Being a “pretty boy” didn’t help the series.

    Chuck Connors veteran actor (plays Janos Scorzeny) made you want to watch this series but he quickly disappeared after a few episodes. I don’t know if he left indefinitely from the series, was only contracted for the first few episodes while the show “wings it” without him, was he ill? (he died of cancer 5 years later), or my last thought: he thought the series was stupid.
    Anyways, these episodes started to mimick “the Hulk” series with David Banner on the run, working odd jobs to buy a ticket while helping someone in need for that episode. Same thing here.

    The episodes started to get stupid, stupid endings, episode plot holes, and so many stereotypes it wasn’t funny. The series seemed like it didn’t know where it wanted to go.
    So we as viewers stopped watching.

    They were setting up for a new story line (without Scorzeny) with this new guy name Nicholas Remy (a guy that looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger)
    then it ended. That story looked like drivel too.
    You can buy the series online now (nothing official though)but I recommend it only for a nostalgic look back or a great laugh at the 80s , and for the werewolf costume that looks like a pumped up German Shepherd with a werewolf mask.

  6. zombie81 says:

    The story was unoriginal, john J. Yorks acting is bad, (at times), some of the episodes are rediculas, and it ends without even wrapping up the story. But I still vote WAREWOLF one of the best shows that has ever hit the small screen. The warewolf costume is TERIFFIC! and whoever says it’s not is blind.
    It was the 80’s, and as far as werewolves go, the ones in this show are every bit as good as the ones in “The Howling.” Sometimes the show will make you roll your eyes, true. (Especially the final episode, “Amazing Grace”, which I kind of blame for the cancelation of the show…) But all in all, if you let yourself get caught up in the story, it is WELL worth sitting through. More than once. Some of the episodes are actually quite dark and scary, and took a lot of talent and thought to make. (To dream of Wolves pt.1 & 2, Grey Wolf, Running with the pack, ect.) Running with the pack, (The one with the bikers terrorizing the small diner) is possibly the best one. (In my opinion.) Anyway, we all have our own opinion, but I think, for even as bad as some of it was, Warewolf is a VERY entertaning TV show. It is officially being released to DVD September 1st 2009 for around 30 dollars for the ENTIRE SERIES! Do it. You won’t regret it.

  7. Kandi73 says:

    I loved this show. I used to watch it on Saturdays and it scared the living daylights out of me anything horror back then use to do that to me. I was about 14 when it frist came on and it was freaky how at night Eric’s hand would show the mark of the beast the cricle with the star in the middle of it. Is it worth buying Yes it is. Infact I just found out while I was watching some of the clips on you tube that Werewolf is finally coming to DVD oct. 1 2009 and I will be getting it.

  8. Luke says:

    UM…..the cicle with the star is really the sign of witchcraft.
    I know I have on my arm.

  9. monkey boy says:

    Just because its on your arm doesn’t mean it is correct. Its an homage to the original werewolf movie with Lon Chaney. In that movie the pentagram on his palm identified him as a werewolf. That movie was made in 1941. thanks

  10. Carycomic says:

    I remember seeing this on weekends, when I was in college. It was highly innovative, for its time, and I watched every single episode. That it was cancelled is _not_ the fault of the actors _or_ the writers. They did the best they could with the time constraints forced on them by the inexperienced first-generation executives at Fox Network (which was in its corporate infancy, back then).

    Only half an hour per episode? PUH-LEASE!!! Each ep should have been a full sixty minutes-long; not one second less!

    And, fugitives doing good for others, while trying to clear their own name, is a plot device that goes all the way back to THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO by Alexandre Dumas, Sr. So, if one wishes to falsely accuse others of plagiarism, one could technically say that Dumas was plagiarized by Quinn “The Fugitive” Martin and Glen “The Incredible Hulk” Larson!

    Those series were not plagiarisms, of course. They were homages. And, the same holds just as true for “Werewolf” (and “Hot Pursuit” and “The Pretender” et al).

    I will agree with one of the previous commentors, however. Syfy Channel _should_ start showing reruns of this, as part of their “Best of…” daytime marathons. Along with a certain Canadian classic I’ve heard tell about, but not yet seen: “Vampire High” (which predates the Romeo/Juliet nature of the “Twilight” movies by a good decade, at least).

  11. charles says:


  12. Mort says:

    I haven’t been able to track down the DVD in Australia and I’m a couple of episodes short of the full series. I loved it then and I love it now. Does anyone know who I can get the DVD or video episodes from?
    Thanks in hope

    • Rich Ralbovsky says:

      Hi Mort, A french company called Elephant is releasing the complete series on DVD, comes out October 26th. I ordered a copy immediately, i have an all region player, so I can play no problem. I am not sure if they can ship to Australia, but i dont see why not. You can find it on Amazon.fr, translate the page to english.

  13. rita says:

    I want it so bad but the DVD release was canceled due to some problems with 2 of the songs is all I can find on getting the series set. There was someone in the UK on ebay that had made copies from videos they had but now that I want to buy them I can’t find them on ebay any more. Help!!! If you find them please reply.

  14. Hi Rita,

    I believe they have canceled the release entirely…

  15. paul1232 says:

    i have this series on dvd if anyone wants it

  16. greg says:

    i was in colombia,s.a. at the time this program aired.
    whats the cost for dvd copy of the series, how is quality and how do we go about it?
    greg, n.j. usu

  17. Shadow Howler says:

    theres actually another werewolf series its doesn’t come on often its called wolf lake

  18. thatgye says:

    their was another werewolf tv show in the 90’s called Big Wolf on Campus. it was about a highschool gye who get’s bitten and turned into a werewolf and uses his abilitys to fight other monsters. going back and watching it now it seams a bit corny but it was good back then

  19. thatgye says:

    wolf lake is great. i wish it was on more often

  20. Here is a idea…….Keep away from the TV.The werewolf stories on it is false and empty.

  21. Kat says:

    The Werewolf tv series to DVD was canceled last I heard/read, but I’ve been able to find it on Ebay, but now with the DVD release being canceled, expect people to start upping their prices.

    The show wasn’t all that bad, I recall watching and enjoying it, although I have a limit on how much I’d spend for a copy of it off of Ebay…

  22. Jesus says:

    Hi there! Do you know where can I find the Spanish or English subs? Best regards, Ben

  23. Daniel Haynes says:

    A couple of years ago, I completed and had posted my fanfic crossover BROTHERS OF THE BITE at [email protected] in the “Files” section. It is my vision of a crossover between WEREWOLF and the vampire series FOREVER KNIGHT. I’m very pleased with it and have been currently working on the sequel. I invite all here to check it out. There is no financial obligations although you must first become a member of the site. Enjoy.

    ~ Daniel “Dan” Haynes (a.k.a. Daniel Ray)

  24. carl day says:

    Ive heard its coming out in France from Elephant Films in 2020 (this year)

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