Werewolf Urban Legend

The werewolf urban legend is not as common today as it once was. It used to be – especially in medieval times, that the werewolf urban legend was told and retold from mother to daughter, father to son, family to family.

Werewolf Priest
One example of a werewolf urban legend that helped fuel the fear people had against werewolves was the legend of the werewolf priest. The werewolf priest legend tells the story of a poor priest that lives in a tiny village. One night he is attacked and bitten by a wolf. Shortly thereafter the priest starts having dreams that he transforms into a wolf, and in one dream that he has killed a villager. The villagers discover that the priest is in fact a werewolf and set out to destroy him.

werewolf urban legend gives unjust reputations
Urban legends such as these helped shape the way in which humans perceived werewolves.  In those days, humans believed in werewolves much more than they do today, so it was much easier to portray the werewolf as the bad guy instead of a fellow human as the bad guy. There were many types of things that humans found evidence that werewolves had been involved in including animal attacks, mysterious deaths, disappearances… now whether or not werewolves actually were the culprits for these different crimes is another story. But the point here is that humans – rightly or wrongly – started blaming werewolves for these different crimes, and thus werewolf urban legends sprang up, and werewolves developed their “evil” and “violent” reputations.  There were even trials conducted against supposed werewolves, just as there were trials against supposed witches.  Today, the werewolf urban legend does not usually garner the same fear it once did.  Mostly due to the fact that most humans no longer believe in werewolves.  While at first it may seem a bit sad that the belief in werewolves is gone, perhaps this is a good thing for any true werewolves trying to survive in today’s society.



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    what do werewolves eat

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    Food, usually the edible kind.

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    Orphan tears and virgin girls.

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    I thought it was baby panda smoothies and a side of fried children. ^_^ just kidding I’m pretty sure it’s the edible kind of food, meaning not my grandmother’s cooking, she burns stuff so bad it just goes back into it’s carbon state.

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    Mmm, virgin girls……

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