Werewolf Valentine

If you know or like or love a werewolf, you may be at a loss as to what to do for them for Valentine’s Day. Werewolves have the reputation of being fearsome creatures and it can be intimidating to try to figure out what they will like or enjoy.
If you do have a werewolf valentine, here are some ideas to get you started…

Things you can do with your werewolf valentine:

hike through woods

1. Go on a hike through the woods! – Werewolves love the outdoors. It is in their blood, and a part of who they are. A great Valentine’s day activity would be something based around the outdoors – a hike is ideal. Find a local hiking path in a nearby state, city, or national park and invite your Valentine and spend the day exploring!

2. Midnight movie! – Werewolves are creatures of the night….even if it is not a full moon. Nighttime is therefore the werewolf’s time and a great time to plan to do something with your Valentine. It can be hard, especially in an urban environment to find something safe to do at night, so a midnight movie is ideal – even better if it is a horror movie!

3. Steak dinner! – Valentine’s day traditionally involves some type of special meal between loved ones. If your Valentine is a werewolf, try to gear the dinner towards things that involve meat. A steak dinner will not fail! If you’re not that crazy about steak, other dinner ideas that will please a werewolf include burgers, meatloaf, or a bowl of chili!

Things you can give your werewolf valentine:

1. Werewolf cupcakes – Instead of a box of chocolate, bake some cupcakes and use frosting to decorate them as werewolves!!

2. Flowers – Not just any flowers though! Instead of roses, try to find some garden lupin – a flower named after the wolf! Although it can be hard to find, some home gardeners cultivate lupinis – the cut flowers are very pretty.

3. Diary – Most werewolves can be very closed and guarded. A diary is a nice valentine’s gift for a werewolf as it is something they might not necessarily buy for themselves, and it allows them to let out their inner thoughts and struggles in privacy.

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8 Responses

  1. Courtney says:

    Cool thx

  2. Amanda says:

    I broke up with someone. So now I am available. What else does he want for Valentines? Now maybe he’ll approach me. Oh, and swore not to get involved with anyone else until the Universe has us cross paths. Oh, and no more meeting weirdos on the internet. So…just playing the waiting game. Am I crazy, or what?! LOL

  3. BrynjarMar says:

    This is kind of weird to say but, im a werewolf, yes i know
    you dont have to belive me but, i think that it does not
    matter what kind of flowers or movies we like i meen no
    one is alike, not even us.

  4. ILiekPizza says:

    We like steak and massages. Get a thick steak, cook it rare to medium rare (w/e they want). After they keel over from their full stomach start massaging their neck, shoulders and upper back. Cuddle with them fall asleep.

    Swear on my hide this works.

  5. Ok, who is this ‘we’ u speak of? Cuz i am positive that not all werewolves like what you like. -.-

  6. ILiekPizza says:

    @Shadow Hunter: I have not met a single werewolf that would disagree. If you ever seen a werewolf in love they will be cuddling and snuggling up to their mate most of the time.

    Steak dinner. If you are a werewolf don’t like rare steak without some extremely valid question, I would have to question if you are even a real werewolf. Werewolves are carnivores. If you give them a nice thick and bloody steak out of kindness you can expect even more kindness in return.

    Who does not like a good massage?! It is relaxing and leaves you rejuvinated hours after its end. Although most werewolves don’t want to admit it, being massaged is like being petted. The werewolf will decide when it wants a massage but when it gets one it has more of an effect on them than if they were human.

    It is because werewolves are sensitive to touch. If you softly touch a werewolf that loves, or even likes, you thats a sign of intimacy. If you have even been with or seen a werewolf in action you would have a hard time proving me wrong.

    I like being touched by those I like. I loved it when my ex so much as put her hand on the back of my neck. When she rubbed my back I would get so relaxed that I would fall asleep. And just for the hell of it, I tested the same thing on a few other werewolves that I knew and ended up with the same results.

    So if you think that I am wrong, by all means show me.

  7. ILiekPizza says:

    extremely valid reason*

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