Werewolf and vampire population size

Are there more werewolves or vampires in the world? Which has the bigger population? Unfortunately for humans, the answer is that there are more vampires. The population of werewolves is not very big. Neither is the vampire population. Of the two small populations however, vampires outnumber werewolves. This poses a threat to humans because vampires are much more interested in humans and human blood than werewolves are.

One of the reasons the vampire population is bigger is because vampires tend to convert more people to vampires. Vampires feel alone in their immortality, and undead state, so they tend to turn people with the hopes of breaking through their loneliness. Werewolves on the other hand tend to be happier in their solitariness and are much more careful with those they want to turn.



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  1. Lucy says:

    I believe that there are more vampires then werewolf’s but I believe that they face some of the same problems. Like feeling lonely because I feel that way a lot but I’m not a vampire but I like being by myself because I’m not like others but do wish I could be a werewolf I’ve always wanted to be one so that I could be stronger then I am in life, to be able to protect myself that want to harm me and the ones I love. I wish someone could help me turn into a werewolf but most people don’t believe in things like that because they don’t understand them.

  2. Lucy says:

    @Alice: what kind of control do you need to change someone.

  3. nopack says:

    I have a weird question. Can u put a spell on a human to become a werewolf?

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