Werewolf vs. Vampire

Everyone always has an opinion on who would win in a battle of werewolf vs. vampire.  Vampires have speed, cunning, craftiness, and stealthiness on their side, while werewolves have muscle, strength, agility, and pure ower on their side.  People often think that vampires would beat any living creature since they are considered one of the “undead” and are immortal, while werewolves are mortal.  Werewolves however have their own set of advantages and should not be underestimated.



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46 Responses

  1. lee ann says:

    Ya its going to be really cool because Im the only one that the univesity that owns it is allowing to learn

  2. Alice says:

    So cool, Lee ann! Yet still the vampire would have the advantage because all you do is shove the werewolf’s nose into its brain bada bing bada ba

  3. lee ann says:

    we win we win nananana na nah!

  4. lee ann says:

    ya Im bored as hell. ( can you tell )

  5. sean/ the unknown wandering soul says:

    it would be up to the exsperience of the fighters cause you can put the biggest guy in the world who has not been trained against a trained master of some sort of fighting and most liky that master would win

  6. Re-searcha says:

    Geez, Saberfang so you’re a dragon now?

  7. @Re-searcha: Oh wow old posts are fun to read. Geez memories of this are just fun.

  8. @Re-searcha: Also please do note Researcha those posts were made in March 10th 2009. So anything you claim regarding now would be kinda amusing. Also judging from how no one else actually posted anything for more than a year if you are trying to stalk me or something. I certainly hope not because that would be pretty awkward.

  9. @Howard Leon AKA The Wolf: oh wow typo a la mode I meant instead of “if you are trying to stalk me or something” I meant “Are you trying to stalk me”

  10. Kvothe676 says:

    actually the only thing vampires are good for is being seductive. just sex the wolf up a little bit…lol the vampire wins either way mmmmmhhhhhmmmmm.

  11. Re-searcha says:

    I’m not trying to stalk you. It’s just that you said you were a dragon and a werewolf. I was just asking you, so you’re a dragon too huh?, considering what you said, I think my question is not unreasonable.

  12. Kvothe676 says:

    im a tiger meow =P

  13. Re-searcha says:

    lol kvothe. what about pig?

  14. That guy says:

    i have actualy fought vamps before. unarmed the average werewolf would beat the average vamp fairly easy. however a vamp wont usualy fight a werewolf unarmed and some vamps are exceptionaly strong.

  15. Greyr says:

    whoa… some fightin.

  16. Lets just see who would win…

    A vampire pick up a human and throw it 10 feet. They can also punch a dent in a shield. The average vampire is superhumanly strong.

    We are capable of lifting 2,040 pounds on average. So we can uproot medium size trees, stop signs, hydrants and even streetlights. We can throw a car about 5 feet, and a human over a house.

    Vamp 0 Wolf 1

    A vampire can catch up with a car. They have lots of stamina, enough to run for 2 hours on end.

    We can catch up with a car. We have more stamina than a vampire however and can run for a whole night.

    Vamp 1 Wolf 2

    very low resilience similar to a human. Healing is very fast however they are unable to heal limbs.

    werewolves have very good resilience. We can heal faster than vampires and regrow whole limbs.

    Vamp 1 Wolf 3

    Vampires are twice as agile as humans and can land 30 foot drops without injury.

    We are as agile as a wolf. We can land 40 foot drops without injury and jump 15 feet. We can also climb very well.

    Vamp 1 Wolf 4

    VAMPIRES are very very good at stealth. They use their speed and agility to be unseen.

    We can also be good at stealth we use our climbing, speed and agility to be unseen and the legs of a wolf are built for stealth.

    Vamp 2 Wolf 5 (tie)

    Vampires have a sense of smell 3 times that of a human. A sense of hearing 2 times that of a human and night vision 6 times that of a human.
    They have normal feel and taste.

    We have the senses of a wolf 100 times the hearing and smell of a human. And night vision 4 times that of a human. We can not feel pain as well as a human. Also our taste is like a wolf.

    Wolf 6 Vamp 2

    Vampires have small fangs and hard long nails so they have horrible natural weaps.

    Awesome claws and fangs for the kill.

    Wolf 7 Vamp 2

    Vampires are very cunning and crafty. They are manipulative.

    We have the intelligence of a human and the instinct of a wolf.

    Wolf 8 Vamp 3 (tie)

    It is clear that the werewolf is the winner of the fight. He is the physical and senses master and the werewolf and vampire are tied for intellect.

    ‘s ‘s name nana bang (booyeah Lee Ann) -Elderwerewolf777-

  17. I mean…

    NA NA NA NA NAHNAH stupid tablet.

  18. Another guy says:

    Elderwerewolf777 gave a long list but left off the most important thing: unnatural weapons. With only legs werewolves can not use them, but with arms the vampires can. So everything from rocks to arrows to machine guns are available to the vampires and therefore, perhaps unfairly, would be more likely to win, if they were adequately armed.

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