Werewolf vs. Vampire

Everyone always has an opinion on who would win in a battle of werewolf vs. vampire.  Vampires have speed, cunning, craftiness, and stealthiness on their side, while werewolves have muscle, strength, agility, and pure ower on their side.  People often think that vampires would beat any living creature since they are considered one of the “undead” and are immortal, while werewolves are mortal.  Werewolves however have their own set of advantages and should not be underestimated.



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46 Responses

  1. Sabrefang says:

    It can easily be an even fight so it’s all about technique

  2. Sabrefang says:

    I just realized there is no clear way to tell who could win because it really is about stamina, strategy, and determination. The same goes with any fight.

  3. Joel Linsk a real werewolf says:

    the fight will only be fought through staregedy & tatics & only the more wiser tatics will win its hard to tell

  4. well, Joel, let me know and i will create the weapons systems neccesary.

  5. lee ann says:

    I think its obvious that vampires would win

  6. werewolves. no doubt about it, win. vampires are disadvantaged b/c they have no control over their allergic reaction to the uv rays of the sun… which is daily present..werewolves have disadvantage only through silver …silver people. puh-lease.
    i’ll eat vampires for breakfast.

  7. lee ann says:

    Me and Alice could wipe you out without a second thought

  8. Sabrefang says:

    hehe bet you a dragon could stop the 2 from being able to fight

  9. lee ann says:

    That all depends we could just throw lke a boulder at it or something

  10. Sabrefang says:

    ……that would really hurt lol. Yah I wouldn’t do that lol my dragon gets really nasty

  11. lee ann says:

    I dont entirely understnad how you have a dragon. Do you like keep it in a cage in the backyard and feed it delivery guys or something

  12. Sabrefang says:

    nono lol ok I have 2 bloodlines, Werewolf and Dragon. Don’t ask how because I have yet to figure it out but all I know is I was born like this.

    So when I say my dragon I mean the personality lol

  13. lee ann says:

    Oh ok that makes an easier boulder throwing target lol

  14. Sabrefang says:

    …yah…be like that lol

  15. lee ann says:

    I just turned on a song on my ipod amp and it made my entire house start to creek

  16. Sabrefang says:

    LOL that reminded me of some funny things you do with sound, you can actually use sound to give somebody a crushing headache. Yah in my class my teacher was talking about how to do it and I was like you mean like this lol. He wasn’t to happy but he couldn’t do anything because I said I was merely confirming what he was teaching.

  17. Sabrefang says:

    Oh yah there’s is this cool microphone that is in the shape of a head and when you record with it you can imitate noises in back and when you put on headphones they will actually seem like they are behind you.

  18. Sabrefang says:

    I am actually thinking about getting one and recording my backgrounds with that so it seems more realistic

  19. lee ann says:

    thats so cool!!!

  20. Sabrefang says:

    yup yup I really want one but right now I am spending my money on a Guzheng (Chinese Zither)

  21. lee ann says:

    O my mom found a guy whos going to teach me how to play the lute Im exited

  22. Sabrefang says:

    actually the Guhzheng is used in the future for something that comes in October but yah its nothing but a quick fix. It is hard to explain but it has to do with the fact that since I have dragon in me that I can use certain instruments to actually fix what can’t be fix by a hand.

  23. Sabrefang says:

    oh man I want one too especially the Pipa lute

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