werewolf with an open mind

An open mind for the werewolf can bring new possibilities, new dreams you never imagined until the moment you open your mind. Building a better inner being for the wolf can get you far, and in the long run will be better for all beings involved, especially for the humans and maybe for the Vampires too     …    it takes an open mind.

Don’t let the inner wolf get out of control though you have to keep it in check all of the time, if you let it escape just once you may loose complete control of the werewolf forever. Don’t temp yourself, some things you just can’t resist, now you need to resist them more than ever, raise you guard and don’t let anything slip past. Steer clear of any tempataions that seem to set you off into the uncontrollable self that is inside trying to escape. Things that anger you, things that annoy you, things that make you upset beyond the normal human levels of being upset… avoid them.

The more expereience the wolf gains of control the stronger he or she will become. This goes for transformations, attitude, and the highs and lows of life. Don’t get me wrong, there will be times when you might lose your control, but you must quickly gain it back and learn from the lesson. You must never forget that the mistakes you make are learning experiences, they are part of life, they will happen, sometimes daily… learn from them.

Any werewolf knows that life is not easy and the people that surround us can make our lives more difficult. Those people, the ones who interact with us everyday are the ones who we will end up learning from, our teachers. Our lessons come from them, sometimes it’s us that fails to realize that a stranger just taught you something about yourself – and you didn’t even realize it.

Wake up.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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104 Responses

  1. Carisia says:

    I have wondered if I could be a wolf for a long time. I have also believed I was human, but you mentioned the spiritual wolf. I think that is me. I feel her sometimes. Once I was ticked off by nothing. Now I am feeling a strange satisfaction. I think I let that one in. I like the feeling of her. She is cruel and selfless at the same time. She is not a overtaker as I would imagine, but if she is real, if she where to get mad, she would be fury. I would let her through as soon as I could change, but you say it is dangerous, so I think better of it, if it is true. How can you tell if you are a spiritual wolf? I and her want to let her out if it is possible. It might be my imagination, but I will be a wolf wiether or not she is really there.

  2. moonchild says:


  3. Jarlath says:

    I sense something great comes

  4. jakar says:

    hya jarlath long time no see 🙂

  5. AlphaWolfAlyssa says:

    Hey jakar! ^^

  6. lee ann says:


  7. Jarlath says:

    hi there jakar im just passing through as usual, how are you?

  8. Genesis says:

    the name sends a tingle up my spine… a good tingle… and yet it was the name of an enemy i created within my own mind…i dont care if Vulkan is my true name… i am Genesis

  9. Genesis says:

    what about me?

  10. Alice says:

    …what happened?

  11. Lone Wolf says:


  12. Genesis says:

    heck should i know alyssa just commented and never replied…oh well

  13. llyon says:

    hello genesis what happened to vulkan?

  14. Genesis says:

    same person new name, nothing happened … at least as far as i know… what does it matter to you? doesnt matter to anyone really… im just a ghost in this world…lol… hell my life at home is like i dont exist anymore…… but nothing happened to me… the physical me… just the same guy disguised by a new name… if you could even call it a disguise…

  15. Genesis says:

    good to know someone i dont know… is someone who knows me… lol… if anyone see’s alice tell her i love her… this Genesis… isnt the psychopath he was once portrayed as…

    Alice if you read this… its still me, and i love you always … someday i’ll find you, and we can be together… i wont rest till we are in eachothers arms, i will not rest until we are all that matters to eachother…. and should my life be cut short, i wont let death’s cold breath take me… the key to my life… is my undying will to live… i love you always and forever Alice

  16. Genesis says:

    the key to my heart… is you

  17. Sorick says:

    Don’t you just love off topic conversations?

  18. ino its like a deep breath that will never be put out , a hellhole waiting to be set free , a monster waiting to go wild im a real wolf no im not a lier im the reel deel im easyly ticked off and my power increases the madder i am but learn to be level headed and youll be fin :3

  19. Jessica says:

    r werewolves real and can you actually turn into one?

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