The history of werewolves dictates that lycanthropes in the city are (or were) fact. These werewolves images are of an infant lycan, perhaps the kind that lived hundreds of years ago. Real lycans were shapeshifters, and many lived in the city, such as London and perhaps were not the same as the modern day werewolves. Once caught he might be subject to display if death occurred. Many humans did not know how to kill a werewolf, and many did not have the skill necessary to kill. Can the wolf in the city not escape the human? Or was it the vampires that hunted? Is it possible that the humans stories and tales of the powers of the shapeshifters were over exaggerated?

Examine these werewolf images and determine for yourself; is this art, or real werewolves?

"ten month old Lycanthope"

"ten month old Lycanthope" (http://alexcf.com/)



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15 Responses

  1. Carly says:

    interesting. i wasn’t able to turn into a wolf until i was thirteen and as a child i didn’t show any signs of it. i think all werewolves are different though, so what do i know? werewolves could probably transform that young. what do you think

  2. alpha female lone wolf says:

    thats sad

  3. moonchild says:


  4. brayden horvers says:

    yo im back

  5. AlphaWolfAlyssa says:


  6. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    its a fake

  7. J**E** says:

    cute little specimen! maybe many artists blended many kinds of animal bones in one craft like that fish in that iron chef show ^^

  8. lonewolf123 says:

    Looks more like barney the dinosaur.

  9. ..... says:

    I request that you remove [email protected] horvers comment I really don’t want it coming up when people look me up for job applications

  10. ..... says:

    How do I remove comments

  11. ..... says:

    God damnit

  12. ..... says:

    Plz remove all my comments I know that my above 2 comments will be but please remove the others

  13. ..... says:

    Remove the one with the email

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