Werewolves and Silver Fact not Fiction

Werweolf 967,

Upon what body of evidence do you put this observation? I think you are 50% wrong…first I agree with you when you say liquid silver would kill a werewolf – yes, silver in ANY form would kill a werewolf, but I disagree with you when you say a regular bullet would kill a werewolf. No, it would not! The reason that silver kills werewolves is because it reacts with the werewolf virus, actually destroying the werewolve’s mutated cells and genetic material. A silver bullet that pierces the heart spreads the silver immediately throughout the bloodstream causing immediate death. If a regular bullet pierced a werewolf heart, it would do damage yes, but it would not cause the same devastation that silver causes. Now, as for whether or not the bullet would actually be able to pierce the breast cage of the werwolf, I have to agree with you, it would be difficult at best.

In short, silver DOES kill werewolves….but…. other things do too…for a complete list of how to kill a werewolf see my earlier post.



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9 Responses

  1. Amy Feuillerat says:

    silver will NOT kill a werewolf it will but they may feel some discomfort around it

  2. Dramund says:

    wow, idiotic myth. I used to wear a silver ring and nothing happened.

  3. Fenrir says:

    The metal mercury was thought of as a kind of silver. It was called quicksilver. Alchemists often thought of mercury as the first matter from which all metals were formed. It turns out that there could be a mistake in the translation that silver will kill werewolves. It’s toxic to all mammals.

  4. Lukesf2 says:

    silver is BS it doesn’t do anything and WHAT INFECTION ITS NOT A VIRUS YOU IDEOTS

  5. josh says:

    Werewolves can be killed with a simple bullet to the head yes there strong and fast but there not super human and yes werewolves are highly allergic to silver in that case a silver bullet would kill it faster then a normal bullet with a less of a kill shot. And yea I do believe they have souls cause there still human but the soul is tormented and at a state of unrest

  6. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    anyone that says silver and being a werewolf is a virus are complte idiots.silver does absoultly nothing to a werewolf.its like sayin a 1 day old can move an atomic bomb with thiar pinky.and the “werewolfs” that says silver does affect werewolfs, theyre anbsoulutly positivly fakers/posers.theyre faces are disgraces to everylast race in the little dot we are within all the dimmensions.

  7. SILENTONE says:

    Hey guys and girls I do believe in werewolves and vampires and the whole nine yards but how do you know if you are one? And if anyone is a were or vamp I would love to meet them I’m not afraid and have delt with lots of pain in my life so being bitten Is not an issue for me

  8. ILiekPizza says:

    Silver can’t kill a werewolf but like any substance, pump enough into the body and it will turn into a poison.

    Anyway werewolves have a higher metabolism allowing them to recover from wounds better and faster than a human.

    If you really wanna kill one, go for the vitals.

  9. phil says:

    silver won’t kill a werewolf but will cause intense pain like a burning feeling…just make sure it gets into the bloodstream.

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