werewolves and the cross

Are werewolves afraid of the religious symbol the “Cross?” While some may believe that werewolves are afraid of the cross in any particular way, I do not believe this to be true- entirely. When the werewolf is in human form he is as human as a human can appear to be, but when the human is in werewolf form he may be vulnerable to some  things, one being the cross held by a figure with the power to use it. While the cross itself would have no effect on the human in werewolf form if a “normal person” were to try to use it, I do believe that if the cross is held by a “religious figure,” for example, a priest, than the power behind the cross could be enough to slow down the werewolf, so long as the priest or religious “figure” can extract this power from religion and the cross.  This is not to say that the human who lives with the weight of the werewolf cannot be religious, in fact, the more “religious”  the weighted person becomes the less werewolf he or she may appear or even become, it’s possible to gain more control by gaining more faith.

While the debate between good werewolves and evil werewolves continues there is no doubt that being werewolf does LINK the weighted person (wp) to something that is less good and more evil, and maybe not all evil actions are carried out but the link between good and evil will always exist.



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164 Responses

  1. Argentus says:

    Once again, much jealousy toward your mind powers:)

  2. Sabrefang says:

    my gosh i am so wound up i feel like the guy from Yes Man

  3. Hellius says:

    I’m glad you’re happy, Sabre.

  4. Sabrefang says:

    thank you it has been awhile since I could just joke around

  5. Sabrefang says:

    dude those retarted kids made me laugh so hard I FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hellius says:

    Yeah… I feel… odd.

  7. Sabrefang says:

    want to talk about it hellius?

  8. Hellius says:

    I don’t know. For the last few days, since you mentioned that thing about how the winds were changing, I’ve felt wrong. Depressed, aggressive, alone. I don’t know.

  9. Sabrefang says:

    Why? This change that is coming is going to be the beginning of a beautiful new future

  10. Argentus says:

    What seems to be troubleing you, Hellius?

  11. Argentus says:

    Ugh. I can’t spell. But Hellius, i understand how you feel. I have felt that way too.

  12. Hellius says:

    I made my best friend cry. Yesterday… she was in my arms, sobbing. I made her feel so bad, it was just so… depressing.

  13. Sabrefang says:

    none of you should feel like that. Change is something we must face head on.

  14. Sabrefang says:

    Hellius you are talking in segments how about a full explanation

  15. Hellius says:

    Change is something I want, something I try to force. But this, I can’t explain this. I’ve felt different and I don’t know the reason.

  16. Argentus says:

    Hellius, i want to see what is truly bothering you. But in order to do this, you must open you heart to me. If you wish i can switch to email.

  17. Hellius says:

    It’s personal stuff, really. I’ve wanted to be with her for such a long time, but she has a girlfriend. Her girlfriend treats her like sh!t. She told me that she looks up to me as a brother and I practically threw it back into her face before accepting it when she soaked my shoulder in tears.

  18. Sabrefang says:

    same Hellius I am not going to force it out of you but I can see what your feeling and I urge you to talk to Argentus

  19. Sabrefang says:

    if you never meant to hurt her in any way than you must talk to her tell her you are sorry and explain to her that you didnt mean it

  20. Hellius says:

    I did. It just feels like I don’t know her anymore – she lets herself get trashed and thrown around by this girl and she won’t listen to me about it.

  21. Argentus says:

    And not only that, but forgive yourself.

  22. Sabrefang says:

    Hellius you cannot force someone to change eventually they grow up and realize the truth

  23. Argentus says:

    Hellius, I will pray for you and her. I suggest that you do the same. And give her and yourself time to heal:)

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