werewolves and the cross

Are werewolves afraid of the religious symbol the “Cross?” While some may believe that werewolves are afraid of the cross in any particular way, I do not believe this to be true- entirely. When the werewolf is in human form he is as human as a human can appear to be, but when the human is in werewolf form he may be vulnerable to some  things, one being the cross held by a figure with the power to use it. While the cross itself would have no effect on the human in werewolf form if a “normal person” were to try to use it, I do believe that if the cross is held by a “religious figure,” for example, a priest, than the power behind the cross could be enough to slow down the werewolf, so long as the priest or religious “figure” can extract this power from religion and the cross.  This is not to say that the human who lives with the weight of the werewolf cannot be religious, in fact, the more “religious”  the weighted person becomes the less werewolf he or she may appear or even become, it’s possible to gain more control by gaining more faith.

While the debate between good werewolves and evil werewolves continues there is no doubt that being werewolf does LINK the weighted person (wp) to something that is less good and more evil, and maybe not all evil actions are carried out but the link between good and evil will always exist.



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164 Responses

  1. Hellius says:

    I want to kill something.

  2. Sabrefang says:

    Why? Are you letting that sadness turn into anger?

  3. Argentus says:

    Kill your pride and self-hatred. That way you can better yourself with your anger.

  4. Hellius says:

    I suppose so. I just… want to know her like I used to, but she won’t let me. I feel so frustrated. Alone.

  5. Argentus says:

    I know the feeling. Believe me, i understand how you feel. I have been there.

  6. Hellius says:

    She’s coming up next to my house to hunt tonight. Fourth night in a row that she’s transformed. That’s not normal for her.

  7. Argentus says:

    Ugh. I despise not being able or perhaps not yet having transformed. But perhaps she needs a leader in her life, a guide or mentor. You perhaps are that to her.

  8. Sabrefang says:

    WOW man my right hand just felt like it burned

  9. Hellius says:

    She told me that she looks up to me – like an older brother.

  10. Argentus says:

    Hmmm. That is too bad.

  11. Argentus says:

    Hellius, she needs guidance in her life. You can be that to her, and help her free herself of this bad relationship.

  12. Hellius says:

    We almost had a really really passionate kiss yesterday, so I know that isn’t completely true.

  13. Hellius says:

    I mean, that she looks up to me. I want to give her guidance, I want to lead her out of the relationship, but like Sabre said, I can’t make her do anything.

  14. Argentus says:

    Perhaps she needs more than just a mentor, she needs a mate:)

  15. Argentus says:

    Saberfang, how are you holding up?

  16. Hellius says:

    Which is something I definitely would provide, but, lol, her girlfriend is in the way.

  17. Argentus says:

    That is where your guidance and leadership comes into play. You prove that her girlfriend is no good to her, by setting a far better and more appealing example:)

  18. Hellius says:

    She is absolutely stubborn and biased. Unless she does something really, really bad, then she won’t think much of it. Her girlfriend already has strike one, but, again, extremes will only count there.

  19. Akitha says:

    Hmm… That’s kinda like my mom and my dad…

    My dad is mostly mean to my mom, but he always apologizes… and gets mean again… It’s like that… right?

  20. Hellius says:

    Basically, yeah. Except that her girlfriend is completely controlling.

    I would tell her my theory, but she probably wouldn’t listen to me.

    …or maybe she would. I always manage my words carefully enough that almost makes her doubt her actions.

  21. Argentus says:

    I hope you to may reach during a hunt what i like to call is a predator’s kiss: a kiss that summarizes the exstacy, passion, adrenaline, rage, sensuallity, and pure heart-pounding bodies bumping feeling of hornyness, the hunt, and honey-mooning romance.

  22. Sabrefang says:

    Hellius do not assume things

  23. Akitha says:

    That’s just like my dad… It gets really depressing, sometimes… I feel ya… 🙁

  24. Sabrefang says:

    Wow I feel really drained all of a sudden

  25. Akitha says:

    Emotionally drained?

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