werewolves and the cross

Are werewolves afraid of the religious symbol the “Cross?” While some may believe that werewolves are afraid of the cross in any particular way, I do not believe this to be true- entirely. When the werewolf is in human form he is as human as a human can appear to be, but when the human is in werewolf form he may be vulnerable to some  things, one being the cross held by a figure with the power to use it. While the cross itself would have no effect on the human in werewolf form if a “normal person” were to try to use it, I do believe that if the cross is held by a “religious figure,” for example, a priest, than the power behind the cross could be enough to slow down the werewolf, so long as the priest or religious “figure” can extract this power from religion and the cross.  This is not to say that the human who lives with the weight of the werewolf cannot be religious, in fact, the more “religious”  the weighted person becomes the less werewolf he or she may appear or even become, it’s possible to gain more control by gaining more faith.

While the debate between good werewolves and evil werewolves continues there is no doubt that being werewolf does LINK the weighted person (wp) to something that is less good and more evil, and maybe not all evil actions are carried out but the link between good and evil will always exist.



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164 Responses

  1. Argentus says:

    Saberfang, may i?

  2. Hellius says:

    Oh shit, I think something’s in my yard.

  3. Sabrefang says:

    nope like power drained

  4. Akitha says:

    Hellius, may I ask what time it is? Night time, perhaps?

  5. Sabrefang says:

    lol Argentus you are funny see I know if I said no you would still sneak energy into me lol

  6. Akitha says:

    never mind what i said…

  7. Hellius says:

    It’s almost 11 pm. It sounded like something was prowling in my backyard.

  8. Argentus says:

    Hellius, be carefull.

  9. Sabrefang says:

    LOL See not suprised one bit lol

  10. Akitha says:

    Yes, I may not be that good with clairvoyance, but I think it’s her. I’m not sure, tho. But when I checked her emotions, either she was sleeping, or something else.. I dunno o_0

  11. Hellius says:

    Members of her pack have been challenging her for the last couple of days because she doesn’t lead. She usually can’t get out of her house because of the alarm they have installed. She’s killing them off… 1 by 1.

  12. Argentus says:

    This cannot continue.

  13. Hellius says:

    I would seriously put an end to this, but I can’t transform. I can’t get out there. I can’t help.

  14. Akitha says:

    Good god….

    I feel worried for ya… <:O

  15. Argentus says:

    Actually, you can:)
    Why do you think the human hunters are so hated by weres and vamps?
    Because they are good at what they do, and what they do is kill.
    never think that just because you cannot transform you are unable to affect people and events:)

  16. Sabrefang says:

    hehe Argentus is right I am actual living proof that even though I am not able to do alot, my tasks will affect the entire world

  17. Hellius says:

    I can’t kill anyone. I refuse to do that.

  18. Sabrefang says:

    who said killing would be it. I myself am a tactician

  19. Argentus says:

    I am not asking you to:)
    You can use silver as a deterent, follow their hunt patterns, leave some fresh meat as bait, etc.

  20. Argentus says:

    Think like a hunter:)

  21. Akitha says:

    Tis ingenious… Maybe if you stay low, You can sneak out of the house, and lay a piece of meat far from the house, but I kinda doubt that, ya know…

  22. Hellius says:

    I can’t do hunting either. I’m not very crafty – I’m a brute. I go after something, beat the hell out of something, then climb into bed and act like nothing happened.

  23. Argentus says:

    Hellius, if you want to correctly “hunt”, you first must understand and be able to decently predict your preys motives and movements.

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