werewolves and vampires as friends

Werewolves and vampires have a legendary history of not getting along.  Part of it has to do with territory.  Both are very territorial.  Part of it also has to do with an ancient fued between the two.  Part of it also has to do that vampires alot of the time think of themselves as better than werewolves. There are cases however where werewolves and vampires can form a pact of “friendship”.  This is not a deep friendship however and both sides should still be on guard and very wary with each other. It is too easy for one side to turn on the other.  It is like a lion trying to be friends with a tiger.  They can be in the same room, and maybe even ignore each other, but they can never get too comfortable.

I see that Werewolf 967  has started to tell you about our friend Daumier.  I pretended not to know.  But I do know. I’ll tell you a little about Daumier when I come back.



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104 Responses

  1. Anubis says:

    HEY I’M NOT A DAMN DOG!……. noofense to you werewolves, but still IM NO DOG…

  2. Astianax says:

    ok… your not a dog.

  3. splice says:

    i am a (dog) as ya call them but whats wrong with being one.

  4. Being a dog is cool. I have superb senses and good stamina and strength also I can outrun a human. And I have awesome teeth.

    Look at the positive impact of the arguments. I’m not really a dog I was making an example.

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