werewolves and weredogs

Someone asked me recently if I was a weredog, and it made me think that maybe not everyone knows what a weredog is.  A weredog is different from a werewolf.  The were in werewolf means man.  There are many types of were creatures.  Werewolf is only one of them.  A weredog is a creature similar to a werewolf – it is a shapeshifter. Instead of a man turning into a wolf, it’s a man turning into a dog. A weredog.  Weredogs are not nearly as well-known as werewolves.  The term for werewolves is lycanthropy, while the name for weredogs is cynanthropy.



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18 Responses

  1. mack says:

    im first ya bunch of fkers

  2. jakar says:

    hey mack want to join me and kaposa’s pack

  3. Kitsunekraze900 says:

    Weredog? I’ve never heard of those, except for maybe in the True Blood series.

  4. Aconissa says:

    Ailuranthrope is the name for a cat-human, and Musoanthrope is for mouse-human

  5. Kasey says:

    oh, i heard of a werecat thing, in fact i had once knew one… weird people! >.< he was like.. some type of snow lepord

  6. Vyctor j t says:

    What the h are you talking about

  7. zach says:

    wat u mean?

  8. Vyctor j t says:

    I mean you knew a person who was a were snowlepord

  9. she wolf says:

    On the filipino movie the weredogs is acually featured there and acts like a ordinary family that runs a business of funeral parlor but at night they turn into wolves and ate the guts and insides of the corpse.
    It was suspense and most interesting of all is that movie is always aired on christmas.

  10. Kat says:

    Thank you for sharing this and trying to spread the word. Like do you have any idea how awkward it is when everyone thinks your a werewolf, and you turn into a white and light brown Tibetan mastiff like dog? Your alphas over here tripping tf out, your betas just laughing his ass of and the rest of the pack is just dumbstruck. But then again I don’t have a pack so I’m just over here like ‘well shit’

  11. Marney says:

    I am a Weredog myself more technically Dingo.. I am looking to talk to other Weredogs as i have heard we are very rare..

  12. @Marney, Hello my dear friend! Im a rare hybrid. Im a Draolf. (Made a name for my hybrid. Its easier to say!) Anyways, that means wolf and dragon. Im a hybrid with a wolf and dragon! We are rare. Just shifted last night into my wolf. Still wating for my dragon to come out. 😀 How are you my furry little friend?

  13. KitchiLupe says:

    BEEDO BEEDO BEEDO! Common sense alert! Diagnosis? Lies.

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  2. June 18, 2010

    […] wolf dog hybrid is not the same as a weredog. (Find out what a weredog is.)  The wolf dog hybrid, like the werewolf, is however a creature that is misunderstood by most […]

  3. December 10, 2012

    […] (with werewolves being number 1) is cynanthropy. Cynanthropy is the technical term to describe a weredog – in other words, a human that transforms into a dog. Since there are not many humans that […]

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