Werewolves Anime

We’ve had some some people asking about werewolves anime and manga out there. So, here’s a listing of some of the more popular ones…

Magical Pokan werewolves anime

Wolf’s Rain is one of the more popular animes about four wolves who form a pack to seek out the Flower Maiden to find Paradise.

Fairy Musketeers is about a world of magic that has witches and – talking wolves.

Wolf Guy is a 1992 series about a werewolf.

Princess Resurrection is a manga about a boy who meets a woman he must serve. The anime has werewolves and vampires.

Magical Pokan is anime that has both a werewolf and vampire in it, the females explore the world of humans.

Millenium Snow has werewolves and is a manga about a teenage girl and a vampire who must save her life.

Spriggan is a manga that has a lyncanthrope.

Inuyasha the Dog-Boy has a half-demon dog, half human boy (not quite a werewolf).



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  1. AdekFitzgerald says:

    Wolf’s Rain isn’t exactly about werewolves in the traditional sense, they are wolves who have learned to appear human. No shapeshifting involved. More like magically concealing their appearance. This is made obvious a few times when the wolves have made physical contact with humans.

    Also, the ending confused the heck out of me. Will someone explain? You can contact me on Twitter as Adek_Fitzgerald, on Deviantart as hopelessromantic13 or on fanfictiondotnet as TheoneandonlyKaorin. To the person who recommended Azumanga Daioh, that’s where my ffn username is from. 😀

  2. nyancat!!! says:

    well I did like wolf’s rain. except I just got to the end today and my face streaked with tears.*sniff* such a sad and happy ending you guys should watch it! unless of course……you don’t like blood or death.

  3. Can you ladies get over your little wimp fest?It is a cartoon for god’s sake.Grow up!

    • noname says:

      oh really you think anime is cartoon for kids there is one about naked chicks being lesbians so they can turn into weapons

    • WolfPack_Roxy says:

      if u think that y dont u show a LITTLE KID highschool DXD? i just tried watching that & it shows naked girls :/

  4. Tsuki Hana (moon blossom) says:

    to Velix Hollw
    inuyasha is a good anime and some times you can get so into an anime series that when a character dies and every one in the series is mourning you mourn too. its the same when your reading a good book so Velix Hollow maybe you should loosen up and thaw out that icy haert of yours. if you dont like these things then dont watch them.stop making other people depressed. man! i get so pissed off when people go onto these reply things and comment on how other people see things. as my favourite anime character says “what is beautiful is not this world, but rather, the way in which your eyes see it. that is whats truly beautiful.” so please Velix Hollow if you have something negative to say dont say it or at least scream it into a pillow. now im going to stop typing before i write a novel.

  5. Tsuki Hana (moon blossom) says:

    one more thing, i think spice and wolf is also good and Merple i agree with you. full metal alchemist is epic, eccept for the end. have you seen the movie?

  6. taiyo kareru says:

    to tsuki
    you tell them. inuyasha is awesome. so is spice and wolf and FMA. have you seen this funny anime called ranma 1/2?

  7. Tsuki Hana says:

    yas i have. thats the one where when the boy gets hit with cold water he turns into a girl and when he is hit with hot water he turns back right? i love it. my fav character is his father, when he gets hit with cold water he becomes a panda. or ryoga! he is funny! when he turns into a little black piglet and bites ranma. then there’s shampoo who turns into a cat and scares the cripes out of ranma. i think the only normal one in that series is akanes older sister kasumi

  8. taiyo kareru says:

    got that right!!!!!

  9. blue fang says:

    have you guys seen guardians of luna it is a great werewolf anime ever:)

  10. blue fang says:

    but wolf’s rain is the greastes anime ever 🙂

  11. sarge92 says:

    @nyancat!!!: I thought Inuyasha was pretty good. Except that their main enemy was the same. The final act was confusing I watched it on youtube in english but the voices were different.

  12. toyu frey says:

    @blue fang: i want to watch the gaurdian luna wolf anime sooo fing bad… wonder when it comes out??

  13. Jody says:

    Dance in the vampire bund the main guy is a werewolf, theres a werewolf in vampire hunter d bloodlust

  14. Mr.Ostrich says:

    I want to watch Wolf Guy sooo bad, but I can’t find it anywhere not even youtube 🙁

    • toyu frey says:

      I would highly recommend reading it if you have the time to do so. I want to talk to someone about the ending! (NOT SPOILING IT)

  15. Mr.Ostrich says:

    I also loved Wolf’s Rain it was so good but that’s my opinion.

  16. Mr.Ostrich says:

    I searched up Guardians of Luna today, and it looks so awesome!

  17. Kiara Hawthorne says:

    @Tsuki Hana (moon blossom): You tell her and I feel the same way when someone does that its annoying I agree with you 100%

  18. Kiara Hawthorne says:

    Wolf Rain is awesome I love Toboe he is my fav then its Tsume then Kiba then Hige. It was so sweet to see Tsume cry for Toboe I even cried it ended so sad but its still awesome

  19. D D says:

    werewolfs are even better, but Hybrids are best…

  20. D D says:

    I’m a hybrid. I love blood!

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