werewolves are alpha males!


I just read your article on werewolves traveling in packs if they find other werewolves, and if werewolves become actual wolves or human-wolf type thing upon transformation.  Personally I believe that they are hybrid wolf human devils! They do not completely tranform into an actual wolf like the Blood and Chocolate movie did (for example). They are not human and not completely animal, they are evil hybrids!

I also want to say that werewolves are alpha males. So, a werewolf wolf “making buddies” with another werewolf  would be crazy since they would end up eating each other or killing themselves in the process. So they cannot travel in packs -Werewolves are loners!



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. lee ann says:

    mentally shift i believe i somewhat understand what you mean by the energies and stuff

  2. pklett92 says:

    hey seekers…whats kickn?

  3. Jacob mystic falls says:

    @lee ann: You are not a vampire.

    In fact I don’t even think you know what role you play in society. My conclusions about you from the very start of me coming unto this site, have been validated. My issue is just what possesses a girl to spend all her hours on a forum talking about nonsense, when she knows full well that it is nonsense that is all that is being spoken around her. A girl like this must be completely disenfranchised from reality, not that she doesn’t know the difference, but rather that she cannot handle the difference.

    This is why she comes on here and says such things like she is a vampire, she is not accepted in normal forums and probably not even accepted in her school. She is a complete outcast, not for being a supernatural creature, which she is not, but rather for being less than par. Second class. Not up to the standard that has been set in the outside world. Be it beauty, wealth, anything. So she comes here. To hide. To play the sarcastic nonchalant observer.

    And sure she doesn’t believe in anything these people say, but she can sure ride the wave of pretentiousness. And what better wave than to claim to be like them, but not quite like them. To say she is VAMPIRE. It mirrors the rejection she feels in the real world, and simultaneously stamps that she neither has love for this forum either, because she says she is not a werewolf, but rather a vampire.

    Calling herself a vampire she fools herself into believing that she is better than the rest of this forums participants, subconsiously she does not really believe she is a vampire, but at least in here she can lorrd over people that she thinks are unintelligent. It is her revenge for being an outcast in the real world, for being either unattractive, poor, or a number of unfortunate things. I feel sorry for her.

    For no matter what she says. You have to wonder, what does a girl who doesn’t believe in the subject of the forum, and who only talks about being a lifeguard and little common achievements, and says she is a vampire with special powers, be doing in this forum in the first place? She comes here because here is the only place she has a small semblance of a voice. But it is a voice shrouded with self hypocrisy.

  4. pklett92 says:

    you should def call yourself researcha because your new name is pretty gay. If you click Lee Anns name you will see just how beautiful and popular she is. She does what she wants believes what she wants, and ignores everything else.

  5. pklett92 says:

    F U C K I N G T R O L L

  6. Lunar says:

    -_- this crap bleeds into practically every post. I didn’t realize it ran that deep

  7. lightening says:

    Anything that goes against the grain, anyone who opposes the masses, anyone who shows a semblance of anything like disbelief, especially demonstrating an analytical kind of reasoning, is automatically dubbed as the ILW myth that is Re-searcha. I have an idea, and I think it will drive off the ghostly legend that lurks within this site, other than begging him to undo what he has done, (quite frankly that will not work I don’t think, since he is not even really here) my idea is that we should bring up something other than werewolves, something realistic that we can actually really proove..i.e.


    is it true that the typical aquarius is a genius? the scorpio an intense person, and the libra indecisive? A lot of people don’t believe in star signs, but guess what? it shows an incredible amount of evidence pointing to the fact that it does exist. You have a better chance in convincing someone that leo’s really do want to lead, then to convince them that you are a werewolf. Me I am not going to reveal my sun sign. I want one of you psychics or gifted people to guess what I am. Lets start demonstrating real powers here people, not myths and fairytales.

  8. lightening says:

    If you are really werewolves it will show eventually. In the meantime lets search for the truth behind sun signs, for the truth behind psychics, for the truth behind whether or not people can grow taller after puberty, for the truth behind telepathy, for the truth behind dreams, for the truth behind geniuses, and seeing the future, and myers briggs personality test.

    I don’t mean to be a spin off from what this site is really about. But if researcha presence has created a domino effect, what better way then to let it end in one that will lead you all to a better site.

    My name is lightening, I am pleased to meet you.

  9. Kevkas says:

    @lightening: y would we discuss something that the site is not based on? that seems more like the topic in which other sites exist 2 discuss such.

  10. Dream Catcher says:

    Are werewolves real? Hmmm from listening to ya’ll, it sounds possible. But if that were the case, that would mean that there are other more menacing things out there, come on now, u want the reader to be open minded, so u urselves have to be also. Could u just see in now, USA headlines…. just spotted, a werecat, and a weremouse were seen battling it out in the allyway today! … or even think about the sales on gummy products… “NEW! GUMMY WEREBEARS! HURRY, EATEM FAST BEFORE THEY EAT U!!!! LMAO

  11. lee ann says:

    @pklett92: thanks for standing up for me when im not here pk i thought that was really sweet of you 🙂 love ya

  12. lightening says:

    @Kevkas: because unfortunately we aren’t getting anywhere with the werewolf topic so far.

  13. Dream Catcher says:

    We concluded the we have gummy werebears though!

  14. knowledge seeker says:

    thank u jacob for believing me but please be nice to lee ann she is really awsome and i believe that she is a vampyre.

  15. *sigh* u guys r putting crap here and noone wants to here it 0 _ O seriously no drama

  16. knoeledge seeker is buddy here i have a post for him on us werewolves

  17. so it was my friend who hacked me. I was here while he was typing a sorry note I caught him he’s right here. he was apologizing

  18. werewolf ranks

    ALPHAS leaders of the pack, the strongest and wisest in the pack, they hunt, first, patrol the territory, dictate, fish and Mark the territory. they eat drink and howl first. (I’m a lone alpha.)
    BETA he is the second best rank he carries out the alphass orders, hunts, and pupsits. he eats second, howls second and assists the alpha in the hunt.
    LONE WOLF he is a strong ranking werewolf but isn’t in a pack. he may team up with other loners to get a meal.
    SUBORDINATES these are usually patrol wolves, hunters and pupsitters.
    hunter wolves at the top, patrol wolves at the middle and pupsitters at the end.
    OMEGAS these are slacking and weak members of the pack. they forage for the pack and themselves. and they pupsit.

  19. also we are getting somewhere with the werewolf topic.oh kook a werewolf site, lets go talk about Sun signs that is a good idea even though the name is ILOVEWEREWOLVES.COM. also lets talk about stuff that no one cares about right now I’m a genius!

  20. Heres what I know with further details.

    Sanguine-blood “drinking” vampires they are not a common group of the vampire type features include longer but not MUCH sharper canines, they have the ability if you will to prolong their lives by drinking blood, and they have a red or golden tint to the eyes, and E.S.P..

    Psychic-feed on the emotional aura of people to be more confident and healthy.features of the psys are sharp canines, E.S.P., and a purple tint to the eyes. They are very common perhaps the most common group of Vs

    Succubus-the rarest type of vampires they can feed on the -censored- energy of people. Features include longer canines, attractive aura and a
    Silver tint to the eyes. They don’t have E.S.P..

    Thats all of what I know.


  21. she wolf says:

    Why is alpha male? I mean I have my own group and it now stands for years. Not to mention it, I’m the alpha female of the pack.

  22. night wolf says:

    @elderwerewolf777:you are awsome the way you handled that whole sunsign shiz was classic:) also need anymore patorl wolves because i need a pack and im real good at patorlling
    to everone else please stop this drama shit it’s anyoing and shouldnt be on this site.

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