werewolves are alpha males!


I just read your article on werewolves traveling in packs if they find other werewolves, and if werewolves become actual wolves or human-wolf type thing upon transformation.  Personally I believe that they are hybrid wolf human devils! They do not completely tranform into an actual wolf like the Blood and Chocolate movie did (for example). They are not human and not completely animal, they are evil hybrids!

I also want to say that werewolves are alpha males. So, a werewolf wolf “making buddies” with another werewolf  would be crazy since they would end up eating each other or killing themselves in the process. So they cannot travel in packs -Werewolves are loners!



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. Värlôc says:

    lol….I agree. pklett92, don’t congratulae me, because this is a hard job. Idk why my brother left me his pack.

  2. pklett92 says:

    yeah man take the blows as they come…being a wolf is pretty freaky sometimes. As a matter a fact I left the window open last night before i went to bed, and it was storming and the fresh air was great so that it triggered my transformation. I didnt even know it happened. Evidently my soul is pretty smart because it forgot to shut the garage door after coming back in from the run. My boxer briefs were stretched out like some 300 pound guy put them on. Miss wilk (the lady who im staying with) was like “omfg why does it smell like wet dog in your room”…it was bad…luckily my wolf only wanted to go for a run because if it was ready for some hunting things could have goten ugly.

    I shiat you not

    Dark blessings

  3. pklett92 says:

    I’m a lone wolf btw. No one to rely on, but myself which is pretty nice…I’m actually moving out to paradise valley Montana this summer so that I can have more freedom. I heard there is a pretty big wolf population in that region. tall mountains go up both sides of the valley, and the yellow stone river cuts right threw the valley as well. to the south the interstate 80 cuts throught yankee yim Canyon into Tom minor basin. Its going to be pretty freaking awesome. Lots of land to explore for hundreds of miles. My family is already up there actaully…The county is Emigrant…look it up if you want.

  4. Selinath Wolf says:

    Wyoming or Montana are great places to be. I chose Wyoming near Yellowstone because they already have wolves there and plenty of food to eat.. Adds a bit of a thrill too, because we have to not get caught.. I’ve been craving Tatanka for a while. Tatanka, deer, elk, a few moose that they have in Yellowstone too, which is kind of funny, but regardless it’s plentiful with enough land for my pack to run free.

  5. Värlôc says:

    Michigan’s woodland is actually best. I was born in Detroit, but I moved up to Battle Creek. I’m leaving for the UP later this week.

  6. pklett92 says:

    right on Selinath Wolf. I love that region, and the amount of wildlife abounds…hike up emigrant peek and you can see for hundreds of miles of nothing but wilderness and Mountains. Its truely the best place to be for any wolf… Wyoming is pretty awesome too…I know a few of the wolves from there.

  7. lee ann says:

    Fishcreek, Calgary is the bomb to be. Terrifying but fun, but than again, the ‘do not enter national park after dark’ signs were apparently put there for a reason. Of course i had to test that theory though.

  8. pklett92 says:

    sweet stories babe

  9. I still cant make up my mind between Montana and Wyoming. I have been to colorado, but the only decent place there is Boulder, everything else was kinda blah to me. I know i’d love montana, i was going to go to school out there. Wyoming i’m not sure about, i am banking on it, simply cuz my pack is migrating that way in a few years.

  10. PoisonLove666 says:

    Ok if werevolves are the apha male what about a female werevolf that has no love in a wolf but in a vampire. What if there is no apha wolf for me what now.

  11. you guys still havent told us how to change into the wolf

  12. Ibliswolf says:

    Ok really I am getting sick and tired of being called evil. Why are you even on this website when you hate us so bad? When I shift I am still in full control of myself and I am not some kind of devil. Check out http://www.werecon.org if you think we are all evil and antisocial you bigot.

  13. ok im getting pissed if you were real werewolves then you would have helped us by now. i guess your all fake.

  14. ok so u guys rnt going to say anything? wat about u meatcraver u sound like u no wat ur talkin about, so cant u help us out?

  15. knowledge seeker says:

    @researcha ur a douche bag u want proof and u say that when u ask for proof ur ignored yet when i ask u to prove that God exists u avoid it like the plague. come one prove to me with science and technology that God exists oh wait thats right u cant prove the existance of God no one has ever seen him. and he doesnt photograph well.

  16. knowledge seeker says:

    so therefore ur GOd does not exist the reason u or no one else can see him is that he was a figment of some old fools imagination written in a ficticious book.if god is all powerful can he create a rock that he cannot lift? u say seeing is believing right well if u cannot see God then he must not exist. i never claimed to fly on a broom stick or turn invisible and for the hundreth time im not a kid i am a college grad as u claim to be. i am a witch and i do believe in the supernatural God does not exist you lame retard. until u can prove scientifically or technologically that he exists then u have no right to say what we believe in doesnt exist.after all u cant believe in God without believing the possibility of the existance of werewolves and vampyres.

  17. knowledge seeker says:

    @ researcha God and the christian religion was an idea created to control the populace. even constantine used the christian idea of God thats why he made christianity the state religion but remained a life long worshiper of Ra the Sun god.

  18. knowledge seeker says:

    according to you God is an idea an idea can only exist in your mind so GOd only exists in your mind. therefore he is a figment of your imagination an imaginary friend if you will. so God does not exist yet people claim he does so he is a claim just as you say werewolves are a claim. you are the one that needs a shrink buddy look at you 27 years old and claiming to have an imaginary friend hahahahahaha.

  19. knowledge seeker says:

    ur argument is full of holes . first u say that all of these inventions were ideas true. but you can see a wheel u can touch a key board u cant see or touch God. these inventions r no longer ideas but your God is still not tangible still cant see him.duh he doesnt exist u tard.

  20. knowledge seeker says:

    @researcha u claim to need need proof that werewolves exist. but you seem to have a problem proving the existance of God your argument has always been that theres no proof because no one has ever seen one and technology has never captured one if seeing is believing then wheres the proof God exists? ur using 2 different sets of rules all you r doing is proving me right by saying God is the idea u imply that some even greater being who is probably invisible as well had the idea of God u say hes invisible how by majik of course thats the only way invisibility could be attained. then if u believe in God as an invisible being that possesses majikal abilities then u cant deny the existance of majik or magikal creatures dragons, werecreatures,even vampyres. i ask u this if God is the idea then whos idea is he and if that being is an idea as well then who thought him up. u see ur idea argument just doesnt work God doesnt exist or u would have proven it by now without relying on the faith argument which is a cop out.

  21. wolfwere says:

    wait what if some one made a idea to make a werewolf

  22. knowledge seeker says:

    what no response yet researcha? hello air head wait thats giving u to much credit.

  23. knowledge seeker says:

    dam the village idiot is missing o wait i found him its researcha. no reply yet researcha its taking u a long time to think of a reply.

  24. adam says:

    well i think u won THAT argument, knoledge seeker.

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