Werewolves servants to vampires?

No! I want to clear up one misconception I’ve read on the web – and this probably stems in part from the last Underworld movie (Rise of the Lycans) and various fiction novels – werewolves are not and never have been servants of vampires. I’ve seen some literature floating around the web saying that werewolves are meant to protect vampires during the day – this is not true. In Hollywood, werewolves tend to get pegged as animals, in part because of their shapeshifting ability. Werewolves are not animals, and in fact, are as intelligent and cunning as vampires. In addition, a vampire would be hard-pressed to overcome a werewolf’s strength – which in many cases can surpass that of a vampire – to make the werewolf his slave.
The werewolf vampire feud.



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  1. Maribeth Jackson(aka: VampireKitty) says:

    I am a vampire and i agree. My family has never once owned a werewolf as a slave or such monstrousity. Never in my life have I thought of it. In facet im In love with a werewolf. If I wouldn’t be so rude as to say this but everything you dumbies think you know of vampires and werewolfs is sooooooooooooooo wrong. We aren’t enemies. We just disagree on suficient terms. We aren’t sworn vicious MONSTERS so STOP making us look as if we are some monster and we DON’T TWINKLE IN THE SUN NOR DO WE MELT WE JUST HATE THE SUN.

  2. gingervamp says:

    this site sucks, whoever made it doesnt know the first thing about vampires. imma vampire and i used to live in a werewolf/vampire/wicca community and never once did we own slaves, hate werewolves and try to take over humans minds because we want to be better than werewolves, we are not horrible and mean to humans, werewolves are not nicer than us to humans in such a way that makes us look evil, werewolves are not pure transformers and vampires only go half way (vampires do not transform and werewolves only slightly do, but never actually become an animal much less a specific one), werewolves vs vampires is baloney, we are both unique and equal

  3. gingervamp says:

    and no, werewolves are not secretly better than us and we are not cruel to them or humans

  4. gingervamp says:

    oh, and we do tend to be more right minded than werewolves and have equal or greater strength, god i hate this site

  5. gingervamp says:

    so no, they cannot over power us

  6. gingervamp says:

    maybe in wolf form, but not in human

  7. Soul Tepes says:

    To my knowledge the lycanthropes have been guardians not nessicarily for that sunlight garbage everyone spews about. but actual guardians for the blue blood families or ancients to those who don’t know. The vampyr children had playmates and most vampyr children don’t get along with each other anyway even though they are the same speices. For vampyr’s lineage has everything to do with it. But would it not be possible for them to be playmates? They are children after all. to a child; looks, speices, or even color does not matter.

  8. Soul Tepes says:

    @gingervamp: I have to disagree with you on the partial transformation bit. Being bitten by a lycan I would agree that a half transformation but a borne lycanthrope, would be another story would it not? I myself have never seen a lycan/man transformation except during the process to fully change form.

  9. Soul Tepes says:

    @Maribeth Jackson: Its only a sensitivity, not a hate. Just like with lycan’s the moon only has partial control, other than that they can change free of will.

  10. kennysang says:

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