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I don’t understand why people think that a werewolves fingernails grow at such a rapid pace. Every time I watch a movie with werewolves in it I almost always see the same thing, long ugly overgrown fingernails that grow in a matter of seconds. It seems to me that they have no other way to describe a werewolf so they dig and dig, search and search, and this is what they come up with. But they insist that this is a werewolf, the ultimate way to describe one. They try to give the impression that all werewolves are dirty creatures, that are evil animals. They leave everyone thinking that werewolves or weighted ones are nothing more than creatures of destruction wanting to feed on and enjoy everything that is destructive. 

So then we get to the vampire. All swoon over vampires. Movies and books love to make vampires seem like all they want to do is “love.” Like vampires are the most affectionate beings alive. Like everyone loves vampires and all we want is for them to be the “best” beings alive. Everyone seems to take the vampires side, and most make things out to make the werewolf the bad guy and the vampire the good.

Not all werewolves are bad, and not all vampires are good.



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15 Responses

  1. Suki Foxx says:

    hollywood sucks ass

  2. Joe Bedard says:

    Your right They suck alot of ass.

  3. Logan says:

    Some energy vampire is building a sun-proof dome over the city… now tell me that is not evil…

  4. howl says:

    i agree… and with all of this crapola about “twilight” vampires have turned teenage girls into fangirl slaves! it makes me sick…

  5. cameron says:

    werewolfs are way better than vampires because of all of their great features.

  6. stian says:

    in my opinion werewolves are the good guys that defend humans from vampires it is logical is not a dog mans best friend
    so holywood ned to think new and get out of its old shit ways

  7. Arisu wolfrunner says:

    same here stian

  8. Guadaloupe says:

    Loup-Garoux are beautiful, pure creatures. True children of God (whichever one you prefer). Why suck the disgusting blood of humans when you could have the food that nature gave you the right to hunt? They make vampires seem like the sexy, caring heroes while Loup-Garoux are reduced to savage monsters. We really aren’t like that at all. We want nothing more than for people to understand us. We’re beautiful creatures and we love our bodies.

  9. Selena says:

    As for me, I’ve never understood why all Hollywood werewolves have a half-human, half-humanized-wolf look about them. Hello, werewolf does not equal (badly animated) human with some fur, ridiculously long nails, and a pair of semi-wolfish ears.

  10. Lunar says:

    I find it funny how hollywood paints the vampire to be so pretty and the good guys. That seems a bit moronic. “This vampire here is my new best friend you bad old werewolf. He drained my neighbor’s blood earlier and he’s probably going to drain me of all my blood later, but he’s not evil like you.” Makes a lot of sense. I’m speaking on hollywood standards, not on real vampires or werewolves, so don’t anyone take offense.

  11. Dream Catcher says:

    hmmm, so Selena, i am asuming that you have seen a werewolf in the flesh transformed and u lived to talk about it?

  12. Rebecca says:

    Did you keep the Chinese bat sword

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