Werewolves and Christmas

Do werewolves celebrate Christmas?
Werewolves have a human side to them, and do not lose that when they find out they are werewolves.  Many still celebrate the holidays and traditions they grew up on when they were humans.  If when they were only human they celebrated Christmas, then they are likely to celebrate the holiday when they are werewolves as well.  But if they didn’t believe in Christmas at all, then they still don’t believe in Christmas.  In other words, being a werewolf does not necessarily effect what holidays you celebrate.

Christmas Werewolf Superstitions
Humans on the other hand are very superstitous about werewolves and Christmas.  Some human cultures believe they are more likely to spot werewolves around holidays like Christmas.  One good example of this is the country of Romania which has a custom called Colinde, or Colinda which are traditional Romanian Christmas carols.  This Romanian custom is a big event, where groups gather and are led by a leader door to door singing Christmas Carols.  Colinde used to be a ritual themed around things like hunts and animals, and ocassionally involved dressing up as animals.  Original superstitions surrounding this ritual included the belief in werewolves (vârcolac).

Romania is not the only country that has superstitions surrounding werewolves and christmas.  Other countries like Russia and Italy also have folklore which says that humans born on Christmas Eve are likely to become werewolves.



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19 Responses

  1. Suki Foxx says:

    well sometimes being “gifted” dose have a effect on holidays for the enjoyment of some festivity’s if your not careful then you can go out of control and i don’t think im the only one this happens to so i agree but yet i don’t if your catch my drift

  2. Suki Foxx says:

    did that make since????

  3. Hell, yeah we celebrate Christmas!

  4. I do go outta control as well.

    A little TOO outta control…..

  5. Silrath says:


  6. Its “habla.” Please if youre gonna say it wrong, say it wrong, but dont butcher the language. lol!

  7. My girlfriend wants me to spend Christmas with her and her family. Only problem is that theyre vampires and they hate me. I love my girlfriend even though she is a vampire, but…

  8. Watch out for rogue werewolves….

    Damn them to hell!!

  9. Silent Strike says:

    Motown about your girlfriend. It’s best to talk to each of her family member individually. Give them a chance to know you better. Else Invite her over to spend Christmass with you

  10. Well, Silent, i already did so…and they still hate me. Thanks anyway.

    My girlfriend and I decided to spend Christmas alone. You know, just the two of us.

  11. Arisu says:

    Any one got any relatives/siblings with **** (real or pellit)?

  12. Arisu says:

    Just wonderd

  13. jo says:

    hehe people have many beliefs or different views of christmas.

  14. Greyr says:

    weird christmas thingy lol XD

  15. Meaghan says:

    aahhhhhhhhggggg ….christmas

  16. Holly1300 says:

    I was born on December 23rd

  1. January 23, 2010

    […] and found some lyrics sung along to the tune Joy to the World…here’s the start of the werewolf christmas […]

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