Werewolves, do not hate humans for being themselves.

I have been reading many of your comments, and occasionally I’ve seen mentioned a hate for the human species. As werewolves, you must remember that you are part human. Without humans, there would be no werewolves. It is true that humans can be opinionated, disrespectful, and stubborn, scared of things they do not understand, quick to judge, and even quicker to accuse. But remember what it means to be human – humans are mortal and prone to mistakes. Humans live a mundane existence ruled by work and school, and are told not to believe in the unbelievable…and because of society, and rules, and wanting to fit in, many judge those interested in the “unbelievable”. They will judge those of you who are werewolves or vampires. They may isolate you from themselves. But remember, despite all their flaws, humans can sometimes shine with sympathy and understanding. They can express love, and be gentle. In every werewolf there is/was a human. Try to understand them before hating them.



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92 Responses

  1. Sabrefang says:

    But I want to be able to have people still ask me to send the songs and I will always be willing to give them away even new ones when they come out

  2. Sabrefang says:

    I feel compelled to release a CD.

    I will call it Project Windigo Part l: The Calm Before The Storm

  3. Joel Lycan says:

    Hmmm.you know what your right i’ve been hating humans forever for rediclius reasons,I guess now its fine to say not all humans are killers,Who live to kill werwolves,vampires& so on not to mention themselves,
    there is something there in there heart,Thanks for the topic,I feel better

  4. Argentus says:

    Well said.

  5. lycanhope says:

    We dont hate humans for being themselves, we hate them for NOT being themselves. Humans that either a)pretend to be werewolves or b)constantly try to become werewolves are not on our top 100 list.

  6. Lunar says:

    I don’t think those are on anyone’s top list lol

  7. ILiekPizza says:

    I was born a werewolf. I never knew what it felt like to be human and have always been antagonized. I think my hatrred is just.

  8. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    i wish i were a werewolfbecause of their size and strength

    • Porthe says:

      Although I myself am not a werewolf i have been hearing talk about how it makes your life harder.

    • Kevin says:

      @Porthe…: Eh.. yeah I presume so, because you would theoretically have to hide your identity and this means, it will increase your stress levels, and in completion, making your life harder. But be warned: not everyone on here tells the truth, in fact 99% or so lie about themselves.

  9. Zach says:

    Question. I am new to werewolves, but sadly I am not one myself. So I know movies and other things have 2 types of werewolves. The one who turns into a wolf and another who turns into a wolf like creature. ( I am sure you know what I am talking about). No offense to anyone but I would rather be the Wolf like creature, I have no idea why it just feels right. Is there anyway to be one the wolf like creatures ( if they exist ) ?

  10. Lycanhope says:

    I guess I can understand why you’d lean towards a wolf-like appearance, aesthetic wise at least, not really my preference personally. The physics are just so wonky there, very distracting.

    To answer your question: existence? Possible, but unlikely. As above, physics disagrees with that anatomy being anything other than s walking Jenga tower waiting to topple and break, and we haven’t really seen anything to support it.
    Becoming? Same thing, possible but unlikely. Take it from someone that looked extensively, you won’t find any easy fixes or magic hoodoo.

  11. Rylee says:

    I feel like I need to say something, anything to help us understand each other. Humans and werewolves, I mean. I was born a werewolf, and frankly, I always knew something was up. Even as a small child I didn’t understand how humans worked. They’ve always seemed so weird to me. You hate based on the stupidest things, and fight over trivial materialistic objects. I’ve never been like that, I hate based on actions and I fight when challenged. I don’t hate humans, per say. I just don’t understand. I find them confusing and frustrating. They’re always pushing buttons just to see if next time I’ll snap. Some are good, but for the most part they worry me. I feel threatened by them, but I’m surrounded 24/7, so I can never escape. I just wish they’d leave me alone. Leave us alone. Let us live together instead of stranded in a sea of humans and machines. I do feel a certain amount of resentment towards humans. They have it easy. It’s all laid out for them. They’re human. You’ll stop growing around this age, this will happen there, and here’s what everyone like you does. Werewolf culture has been lost and trampled on, leaving us, the current generation snatching at the wind for flying sheets of paper. Have you ever tried to catch a leaf on a windy day? It’s about as easy as catching a fruit fly without crushing it. I have to go through libraries and websites and hole in the wall shops to find out when I’ll shift, how to find others like me, if I’m insane or not. Almost every day I question my sanity. Almost every day I have to hold myself back so I don’t launch a human across the room. Every day I have to do it all alone, because let’s face it. How many times have you told someone you’re a werewolf? How many times has someone told you they’re one? It’s not exactly something you parade about. Oh, hi, I’m Rylee, and I’m a werewolf, do you wanna go get tea later? Ya, right. Maybe that will give you a bit of insight into how a lot of werewolves feel. Some of us hate you for your humanity, some of us envy you for it. It depends on the wolf. Good day.

  12. Lillith Jane Black says:

    freak Rylee that was deep but if I was a werewolf I would feel the same way. Im a night feeder aka (vampire) but I was not born one I was turned into this creature with no feelings no pain and nothing to live for really. I am not one to say that I feel the same way in the exact words that you put it. But if you were me how would you feel I want your opinion. On how I should act towards others and if you have any tips on how to keep what I am a secret better than I already am. My name is Lillith-Jane but you can call me Lily if you prefer. 🙂

  13. Lillith Jane Black says:

    And Rylee even though im not like you in any way or form I feel like we have a lot of things in common even if we haven’t met or talked before you described what I am feeling and how I still feel about humans even though I was one 2 years ago it takes a lot of courage to come forth and say what you did

  14. logan says:

    Rylee that was really deep and im a werewolf i kinda feel the way you feel its odd but if you need someone to talk to ive been trying to find out more about more about the culture and when the first shift would be i just sometimes just hate people in general but sometimes i just want to be around everyone

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