Werewolves, do not hate humans for being themselves.

I have been reading many of your comments, and occasionally I’ve seen mentioned a hate for the human species. As werewolves, you must remember that you are part human. Without humans, there would be no werewolves. It is true that humans can be opinionated, disrespectful, and stubborn, scared of things they do not understand, quick to judge, and even quicker to accuse. But remember what it means to be human – humans are mortal and prone to mistakes. Humans live a mundane existence ruled by work and school, and are told not to believe in the unbelievable…and because of society, and rules, and wanting to fit in, many judge those interested in the “unbelievable”. They will judge those of you who are werewolves or vampires. They may isolate you from themselves. But remember, despite all their flaws, humans can sometimes shine with sympathy and understanding. They can express love, and be gentle. In every werewolf there is/was a human. Try to understand them before hating them.



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92 Responses

  1. Sabrefang says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you, i try to teach our kind about this.

  2. Hellius says:

    Yeah, I’ve said this. I’m a misanthropy. I’m a (current) human and I hate the people I surround myself with.

  3. Sabrefang says:

    Hellius you, me today stay here I must walk to my house

  4. Hellius says:

    Well, I might not be a human for long. I got bit today.

  5. Rastio says:

    i’m trying to get over my own hatred towards them but ill never forgive them

    how did it feel to get bit?
    i almost snapped a persons wrist doing that so i can only imagine the pain

  6. Hellius says:

    She didn’t want there to be unbelievable amount of pain, so my friend cut me with an object and then sunk her fang canine inside.

  7. Sabrefang says:

    do you want to try awakening your spirit

  8. I agree with Buddy.


    In most cases werewolves envy humans. I will post on this too because I think it deserves more attention.

  9. Sabrefang says:

    werewolf967 how are you today

  10. Hellius says:

    I’d rather not tonight, Sabre. I feel really stressed.

  11. Sabrefang says:

    ok then you come to me when you are ready my friend. I wait for you

  12. Great. Thank you Sabrefang.
    Hope you are good today too…

  13. Hellius says:

    Sounds perfect. Thanks.

  14. Sabrefang says:

    I am well you never reply always busy I presume

  15. Elvette says:

    i need help my soulmate feels “inhuman” because of a rare deadly moon that is up. he says he has thoughts of running and hurting anyone that gets in his way. im talking to him over email (apparently for my own good). i told him he could fight it but is this smething to worry about or can he truly fight against it?

  16. Sabrefang says:

    What? there is no deadly moon up this next month

  17. Sabrefang says:

    The last full moon is the strongest of the moons this year but it has passed

  18. Elvette says:

    then y is he feeling like this

  19. Sabrefang says:

    maybe he is possessed or maybe he is just losing his mind over something that he is overthinking about

  20. Sabrefang says:

    sometimes when people overthink we become irrational and connect dots that we create for ourselves

  21. Elvette says:

    thnx i just felt clueless about it.
    shud i tell him wat u told me?

  22. Sabrefang says:

    not exactly try to get him to answer more questions and if he says the wolf moon or that the next full moon is a rare one tell him that it is not and try to see why he is thinking like that

  23. Elvette says:

    ok. ur probbly right though. he’s probably freaking out about something. i just got off the phone with him, im afraid to let him go but he said he needed to do something and he’ll call me back.
    shud i be worried bout that or let it go?
    he does have a tendency to get angered easily

  24. Sabrefang says:

    you must let him blow off the steam do just accept what he is feeling and deal with it when he is ready to talk

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