Werewolves, do not hate humans for being themselves.

I have been reading many of your comments, and occasionally I’ve seen mentioned a hate for the human species. As werewolves, you must remember that you are part human. Without humans, there would be no werewolves. It is true that humans can be opinionated, disrespectful, and stubborn, scared of things they do not understand, quick to judge, and even quicker to accuse. But remember what it means to be human – humans are mortal and prone to mistakes. Humans live a mundane existence ruled by work and school, and are told not to believe in the unbelievable…and because of society, and rules, and wanting to fit in, many judge those interested in the “unbelievable”. They will judge those of you who are werewolves or vampires. They may isolate you from themselves. But remember, despite all their flaws, humans can sometimes shine with sympathy and understanding. They can express love, and be gentle. In every werewolf there is/was a human. Try to understand them before hating them.



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92 Responses

  1. Sabrefang says:

    …..you are the yin to his yang. It is you who must give him the strength to fight

  2. Sabrefang says:

    Do not fear what you do not understand. You will be surprised when you stand up and face that fear that one day the fear is gone it has moved to other people. You must never be afraid of what he might become, instead help him to fight it because you are the only who can fight for him, make him believe he is strong enough and he will be strong enough. Simply because you are there.

  3. Sabrefang says:

    I believe he changes in order to make you back away. You tell me when you try he changes but he goes right back. In other words everytime you understand him he pulls you away why I do not know but when you back off enough he goes right back to the way he is.

  4. Argentus says:

    Sabrefang, Elevette:)
    how is everything?

  5. Elvette says:

    so my dreams and my thoughts. i should show them no interest at all?? i see what you are saying. i’ve always been told that i should forget what i see but there is always the saying “Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe it’s enough.”

  6. Elvette says:

    i loved your playlist by the way. i no my soulmate will love it

  7. Argentus says:

    Elvette, my aplogies.
    I am sorry to hear of your predicament.
    I understand your concern.

  8. Sabrefang says:

    NO keep them in mind but the more you fear it the more it will tear you apart instead expect it with no fear. Accept the dreams as a possibility in other words but do not fear what it means. It seems you are seeing a choice to wither help him fight or to let him go. It is your decision

  9. Sabrefang says:

    Argentus, brother it is good to see you before I go off to record the album

  10. Sabrefang says:

    And Elvette thank you for the compliment I believe the music as well as you will help him

  11. Argentus says:

    Same to you, brother. I have discovered much about myself this morning and i will brief you in an email.

  12. Elvette says:

    Thank you Argentus.
    I guess it is “in mind” thinking.
    Maybe you are right though, maybe he is trying to push me away.
    If that is a case then maybe I should unclench my fists.
    One more question: Do you know if a person can be related to a creature like a nymph or a god or goddess?

  13. Hellius says:

    Good morning.

  14. Sabrefang says:

    ……lol Argentus well we are both the same so I guess that works

  15. Sabrefang says:

    good morning Hellius I will be off this weekend for recording an album

  16. Hellius says:

    Lovely. This weekend would probably work – I just need to finish up this ongoing argument between my friend and I.

  17. Sabrefang says:

    …oh I just saw the post from Argentus my apologies sometimes I can overlook things and I overthink things on occasion lol.

  18. Sabrefang says:

    well I will be back sunday night

  19. Hellius says:

    Later man.

  20. Sabrefang says:

    well i am not leaving just yet lol. waiting for the guitarist to show up. If you are curious about the band.


    theyre metal but the singer is really good and the solos are awesome

  21. Hellius says:

    What do you play in the band?

  22. Sabrefang says:

    I am the recording engineer actually

  23. Sabrefang says:

    the band I actually write stuff with others is called somantix


    I play the guitar…it’s not the best but that is because I am not a real guitar kind of player I play heavy stuff to vent my anger and I use my guitar to vent that

  24. Sabrefang says:

    Be warned Hellius Somantix is a very abstract point of view on music. It has a formula but sometimes it is a loop that brings you to a centerfold where it just seems unusual

  25. Sabrefang says:

    Project Windigo will actually be an album from Somantix.

    At the moment I am thinking of selling CD’s for Project Windigo but not for profit but to merely get it on a shelf or iTunes that way not only can I give people CD’s but people can just hop on iTunes and get it.

    For Project Windigo I believe in free distribution but it is unfortunate that with today’s music industry I have to put a price tag in order to get it out more so those unable to obtain it one way can have other ways of getting it.

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