Werewolves of the past?

Why are werewolves usually associated with evil, or blood, or horror?

Why would people suspect that an animal that might look like a dog or human dog be so evil and how did he get this reputation?

To get some insight into possibly why people could associate this animal with evil we can look to the Egyptian god of death Anubis. Known for guiding the Egyptians through the underworld and possibly caring for and watching over them while there. Anubis, the god of the Egytian Death was often worshiped and at the same time possibly feared. Feared because they knew what he stood for, who he was…



So why did the Egyptians associate a dog “looking” animal/human to be the guide to death? And is this one of the stepping stones of how werewolves evolved into what people have made them out to be… scary, horrific, angry animals…. that only want to kill…

The Jackal headed human, Anubis, gives us a look and presents questions as to why this animal is associated with death.



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7 Responses

  1. Benjones says:

    This is all very interesting… I just found your blog in my research for a werewofl novel. I hate how mainstream media has pretty much shunned the mythological creature but also writers have become very simplistic with thier approach to them. I aim to change it.

  2. icey29 says:

    No. I do not belive that the god Anubis is related to the werewolf. Just because it is a haf dog half human, it does not mean they relate. I am pretty educated in egypt and i know quite a bit of info.

  3. she wolf says:

    I agree with icey29. Wolves and dogs may be on the same family but that doesn’t mean they are related.

  4. Aragorn says:

    far cry from ‘all werewolves are evil’, Werewolf967. What changed your mind?

  1. January 9, 2010

    […] Alot of their gods are depicted as being human from the neck down, and animal from the neck up.  Anubis, the half man half jackal egyptian god of death is one very good example of this.  A possible […]

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