werewolves exist?

Alot of the questions that we discuss are controversial.  Many humans seek answers on many of these questions.  In the real werewolf argument we posed some of the main questions, and we’ve gotten alot of good answers.  Taking a look at the possible answers is important in our understanding of the truth about werewolves.  So let’s start with the first question – which is perhaps one of the biggest questions we study here….

1. do werewolves exist, and if so why do werewolves exist?
Answering this first question is alot of what this site is based on. We can present to you the information as we know it, or believe it, or see it. There is alot of evidence – on both sides of the argument – that is convincing….alot of myths and legends, and even alot of werewolves on here presenting themselves as such seeking friends, encouragement, and sharing their stories. Werewolves already know the truth.  But ultimately – for all humans and non-werewolves – it will be up to you to decide what you believe and don’t believe.

The werewolf community has spoken up over and over again to answer this question.  Some of the answers we’ve received from them in response to this question are interesting and thought provoking.

Some thoughts on this topic from our readers:

From DWolf:
It is up to you as believers and non-believer to answer, it is up to you to believe, if you believe that there are wolves then so there are, if you believe that there are not werewolves, then there are none. It is you who creates the reality around you. The wolves exist because they simply do, just like humans they have evolved along with the earth, with nature. They are the children of the earth as much as any other creature. Wolves are an evolutionary route with in a large but ever spending realm. Just because you can’t see them, does not mean they are not there, and that is being said for any creature mythical or scientific.

From Ryan:
We exist, only to do so. I know no other way to be since I was born this way and have had to experience being an “unnatural” child. Although growing up and going through puberty was a very remarkable experience. Gaining my senses, my strength, then learning the pitfalls of my new body. The pain, the sickness, the mental stresses. But once puberty had passed the feeling of being ‘reborn’ was enticing and powerful but the need to control and blend in makes you very humble.

Do werewolves exist? I can only share the information that is available to help you decide.  Don’t come in with preconceived notions, get all the information first before making your decision.  Read and decide with all the knowledge we can provide you.



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