werewolves – fact or fiction

Ok, we can probably agree on some of these points but not completely on if werewolves have a soul or not. Humans on the other hand are of course not evil when they are not in their werewolf transformation. Keep tabs on one… you’ll see what i’m talking about šŸ™‚

Lets push that debate to the side for a bit.

So then, lets move on; you say we should review the facts about werewolves?

Here is a listing of questions about werewolves what do you think of each one?

werewolves: fact or fiction?

  • the first werewolf is from London
  • vampires and werewolves are always at war with each other
  • In addition to horror monster stories of werewolves- stories of “good” werewolves often surface (hah, we discussed some of this about the wolves)
  • real people have snapped pictures of werewolves and sometimes even “blog” about them
  • thousands of pieces of art, seeming to be real, exist on werewolves


I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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751 Responses

  1. zach says:

    orr ask your friend zach nicly and he will steal some from hot topic and send it to you

  2. undecided says:

    OK, this is the first time I have visited this site or any werewolf site. I read some of your replies and I found them interesting. Some of you say you are werewolves but cannot physically show proof. And then there are the disbelievers. I understand its hard to believe that tere are werewolves out there, but let me ask you,(werewolves), are you happy being a werewolf? If so, can anyone join the pack? Did you come buy your afliction buy being bitten or born that way? I would really like some answers. Maybe then I will believe and then possibly join the pack. Awaiting some answers!!!

  3. @undecided: Born, being bitten is a myth. Not just anyone can join a pack either, The Alpha normally, traditionally, seeks out and invites members, and if one asks for a position they are normally denied on the spot. Keep in mind though, not all Alpha’s are that way, and it also depends on the wolf asking.
    Now in terms of affliction, that kinda made me laugh. It is not an affliction, I view it as a gift. I embrace the”beast.” It is one of the most wonderful things, that I have ever found out about myself.
    I look forward to speaking to you further in depth on the subject.

  4. @Victoria Edmons: Why would you want to look like the Twilight abominations?

  5. Dream Catcher says:

    And sane man…. or insane man for that matter….. aka lightning…. hope ur having fun… lmao….

  6. Dream Catcher says:

    Have at it lightning… lmao. Ur getting stupidier each name u come up with.. lmao

  7. Dream Catcher says:

    And lightning… oops… I mean zona wolf… you sure read alot in 10 minutes… there was only 10 minutes between ur post about being new but not being new… to your post about having read some coments before you wrote that last post… u must be super bionic fast….. lmao lightning is still here I see… haha

  8. Dream Catcher says:


  9. Dream Catcher says:


  10. You guys and girls… you all are getting way off topic. Remember what you guys came to the site for to begin with, you are not here to insult each other, you are here out of curiosity and some of you to find answers, friends, etc… you are not here to find enemies!

    I know every human cannot get along and at times there will be disruption, but if you can’t get along and all you want to do is cause trouble then you are missing the point of ILW and you might want to think about finding a more comfortable place.. like an anger management site o__O

    Some of you need to choose a topic, stop insulting each other, and try to get along.

    If you cannot get along with each other then we can vote someone off the island,until then, take a breather…

    We are giving away a free werewolf graphic novel in bit… think about it… come back, and try to win it!…

    Please get along everyone!


  11. Dream Catcher says:

    Nite all… got to get up in 7 hours for work…. ttyl

  12. Lunar says:

    You know :/ I couldn’t make a site and administrate it. This would have seriously agitated me beyond points that would be good. I mean its annoying enough when it floods out my email. :/

  13. Hm seems I missed quite a bit…

  14. Lunar says:

    @Zorath “Rayne” Wolf:
    A lot and yet nothing more than the usual drama.

  15. Aconissa says:

    Go werewolf967 for the intervention! šŸ˜€

  16. Storm says:

    Wow, I missed something

  17. Zorath says:

    Thanks for answering some of my questions. So in order to be one of the many with the “GIFT”, I must be picked by one of your brothers or sisters? I myself have never meet a werewolf, in human form or the beast. Where do you find them and then what do you do when you do. As the movies portray them, they are killers and eat their pray. Is that true. If so, I would rather stay away. Looking forward to your reply.

  18. undecided says:

    Sorry Zorath, I made a mistake typing my questions to you. Zorath didn’t write the last reply. I did. Still trying to understand how this works. My PC skills are not the best. Again sorry Zorath, it won’t happen again.

  19. undecided says:

    Zorath For some reason my last reply is not there. What happened to it.

  20. @undecided: to answer your questions, you have to be born a wolf. Cannot be bitten. At any rate, the movies lie. What we hunt and kill and feed on is our own choice. it all depends on the wolf, as with humans, some a vegetarians some are vegans, yet still some are nothing but meat eaters. IT is completely individualistic.

  21. Selinath says:

    I would definently have to agree with Zorath. Just like your personality is different from the next person so is your wolf aspect of yourself. You are born, never made. And if you seriously think that Twilight or anything of that nature is real, I think you need to re-evaluate your definition of reality.

  22. Dream Catcher says:

    Awes. Here I thought the wolves on twilight were too cute… make us just wanna go out and buy a pup or 2… an now ur telling me the ain’t real? Shucks… .. what about the vampires that “sparkles” I thought that devine! Never wanna meet he quack that thought that one up… lmao

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