werewolves – fact or fiction

Ok, we can probably agree on some of these points but not completely on if werewolves have a soul or not. Humans on the other hand are of course not evil when they are not in their werewolf transformation. Keep tabs on one… you’ll see what i’m talking about 🙂

Lets push that debate to the side for a bit.

So then, lets move on; you say we should review the facts about werewolves?

Here is a listing of questions about werewolves what do you think of each one?

werewolves: fact or fiction?

  • the first werewolf is from London
  • vampires and werewolves are always at war with each other
  • In addition to horror monster stories of werewolves- stories of “good” werewolves often surface (hah, we discussed some of this about the wolves)
  • real people have snapped pictures of werewolves and sometimes even “blog” about them
  • thousands of pieces of art, seeming to be real, exist on werewolves


I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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751 Responses

  1. undecided says:

    Selinath: I don’t know where you got the impression that I believed in movies. I was just asking some questions to Zorath. My reality is just fine. How’s yours??

  2. Lunar says:

    Hmmm… I’ve been missing a lot…

  3. Aconissa says:

    @Lunar: meh, so have I. Especially on some other posts… but its just more drama.

  4. Lunar says:

    I’ve noticed.

    • Lunar says:

      As we have seen you post repeatedly. Do you want a cookie? However, from reading various posts you have made and how you seem to spill off things you’ve seen on vampire diaries, I personally believe you are a 14 year old roleplayer. I could be wrong. However, this is my opinion at the moment.

  5. Katie says:

    Why is it that everything that is mythical or unexplained has to be souless!!! Or at war with others like it. I mean really think about it why would creatures if they exsist fight with eachother when they all have the same goal dont get caught by the humans. It seems silly that races that cant be very large for fear of discovery would shun the others similar to it.

    • Lunar says:

      Those are good questions and valid points. Perhaps the idea of no souls and evil resides with a deep imbedded fear the human race holds. Fear often leads to quick assumptions and irrational judgement. As for the question of fighting, it is no different from any other species upon this earth. Take humans themselves for example. Your kind, regardless of race and location, all have simular main goals in life, yet war exists between them. Wolves exist in a pack together with the same goals but occasionally fights errupt. Its just something that happens. Not eveyone gets along, reguardless of circumstances

  6. Lost One says:

    i am new on this web site but i have a question. how can i tell what i am?

    • Lunar says:

      Well, keep in mind that you really can’t become whatever you want to be. You are simply what you are. I would say that given the fact you are looking into it, there is a good chance you are some form of therian or the like, but that’s not always the case. There are quite a lot out there who are merely interested or fascinated with the idea of it. If you simply came here because you think its cool, want to be one because of some fictional movie or book you like, or just want to start a fad; I can tell you one thing, you’re not a Therian. If you wish to continue looking for these reasons, go ahead, no one can stop you, all I can say is that you’re probably not going to go very far with it. However, if you were having dreams, visions, feelings, and thoughts that link you to an animal you are probably a Therian. Normally a therian begins to notice something about themselves around the ages of 10 – 16. One person can actually go throughout their entire life without knowing about their animalistic side, simply because they deny it, or has been convinced by others that it is not true. If you are Therian, you will know it. Trust me, there is a certain feeling you get in your chest when you see your soul animal.

  7. tristen says:

    @Young Wolf: im not an elder in fact im 14 i cant really help cuz i life in the bahamas…i am an alpha male of my pack theres only 3 of us left here me n two betas that i found 2 years ago n i need to find an elder 2

  8. reece says:

    what would happen if a werewolve and a vampire married each other what would there kids be like

  9. hayley says:

    hi this is hayley and well i was wondering if anybody has seen a vampire or warwolves befor

  10. hayley says:

    did you know if you were born on Dec 28 you could become a warwolve

  11. ILiekPizza says:

    I do too have a soul!

    Just because I like ripping things apart doesnt mean that I am incapable of love.

    Werewolves can love too… ;.;

  12. SILENTONE says:

    Hey guys and girls I do believe in werewolves and vampires and the whole nine yards but how do you know if you are one? And if anyone is a were or vamp I would love to meet them I’m not afraid and have delt with lots of pain in my life so being bitten Is not an issue for me

  13. ILiekPizza says:

    @SILENTONE: We wont bite you, dude. I’m gonna tell you that right now. 😀

  14. SILENTONE says:

    Lol yea I’m sure the animal is tamed lol I know I do not fully understand the beast that is inside me but I do know this that anyone can loose control and no animal is ever completely under control wether it be vamp, were, or even man himself but thanks for the opinion

  15. i think that it is such a cool thing to watch what about you guys

  16. wolfpup53 says:

    werewolves are real we just dont see them much becuase more people want to be vampires and werewolves are rare and i been trying all my life to be a werewolf someone please tell me how

  17. Connor says:

    You can do a spell,get bitten,drink water from a wolves footprint or ,be cursed by someone there is more but I don’t want to say

  18. Connor says:

    I know that because I am a werewolf

  19. Connor says:

    Is anybody whs a real werewolf lnow if they have a pack because I don’t I can’t remember anything after I transform

  20. nightwolf says:

    @connor: no you cant be turned from thoes except magic(sortof) but i’ve tried thoes and non of them worked but yah mostly your born one or not

  21. Connor says:

    I was born a werewolf

  22. Mary says:

    The way i first transformed was complicated. I was bitten by an over sized wolf.And i shifted exactly two minutes after. But alot of people say that i didn’t change because of the bite. But i mean, there is no one in my family who was a werewolf or was even predicted to be a werewolf. So i don’t know how i could be born one. Maybe just something in the air i guess? But it still confuses me. Because i have bitten other people on accident and all of those people have turned. Venomous wolf i guess? And the way i shift is weird too. I actually have three forms. My human form, A regular wolf form, and a form where i look like a wolf that is of that movie vanhelsing. But more feminine looking. And regular ears not that pointed horn crap. Just regular triangle ears.

  23. Connor says:

    I just howled at the moon.HOWOOOOOO

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