werewolves – fact or fiction

Ok, we can probably agree on some of these points but not completely on if werewolves have a soul or not. Humans on the other hand are of course not evil when they are not in their werewolf transformation. Keep tabs on one… you’ll see what i’m talking about 🙂

Lets push that debate to the side for a bit.

So then, lets move on; you say we should review the facts about werewolves?

Here is a listing of questions about werewolves what do you think of each one?

werewolves: fact or fiction?

  • the first werewolf is from London
  • vampires and werewolves are always at war with each other
  • In addition to horror monster stories of werewolves- stories of “good” werewolves often surface (hah, we discussed some of this about the wolves)
  • real people have snapped pictures of werewolves and sometimes even “blog” about them
  • thousands of pieces of art, seeming to be real, exist on werewolves


I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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751 Responses

  1. Luke says:


  2. Luke says:


  3. Luke says:

    Oh and I am leaving I am in trouble with the Gov. they attacked me and I killed them. I am using the emeralds to transport somewhere else.

  4. Luke says:

    Joey is in charge of all the websites.

  5. Hi I am a newly discovered werewolf. any tips?

  6. alpha female lone wolf says:

    okay tell me how i rid myself of a vamp and a hunter who have teamed up to kill me and clare. please comment back on how me and clare r in trouble.

  7. I say, Eat the hunter and kill the vamp.

  8. manuel alba says:

    i want to be a werewolfe, am fascinated about it. if any werewolfe see this please contact me, i’ll be so honored to be one of you.

  9. manuel alba says:

    [email protected] am serious about it guys come on someone must not be just kidding around bout this aint you guys

  10. manuel alba says:

    got to go, got to get back to my pathethic life, going back to work. if you feel me let me in, holla at me hit me up . later guys

  11. furyanwolf13 says:

    hello. i’m not a wolf or a vamp, just a human. but i do know two people who are lycans. one is my by, the other is my soon to be son, as soon as i adopt him. i don’t know much about lycans, but they were born lycans. and i’m wondering, can i become a lycan, or does it have to be genetic?

  12. furyanwolf13 says:

    oops. i meant one is my bf…..damn fingers ><

  13. llyon says:

    both of what you said can happen, werewolves can be bitten or genitic, i myself are a genitic wolf of the human years of 16

    you should not feel threatened by your loved ones being werewolves they will not harm you, we are not entirely evil

  14. furyanwolf13 says:

    in case you think i’m lying, i’m being serious. i didn’t know until they told me and i was kind of excited that i know two people that are lycans.

  15. furyanwolf13 says:

    so………….i can become a lycan if i get bitten by one……..are you sure?

  16. llyon says:

    yes, most folk law says that is the priamery way to become one but it is hard to find one that wont bite your head off. and i can’t help couse im in australia, just keeep on this site and one will help you if you need it

  17. furyanwolf13 says:

    i’m not sure if my bf or son would bite me since they care about me. and i live in ohio, and i don’t know if there are any lycans that live here

  18. llyon says:

    we are all over the world, just keep posting or monerting this web site and you will come across one that will help you gladly. now how do they know if they are werewolves? and what are there werewolf names?(we have alias at night so that we don’t run into any trouble)

  19. furyanwolf13 says:

    their names are max and joel. they know they’re lycans cuz they found out at a certain age. max found out when he was ten. joel found out a few months back i think. i can’t remember if it was months or a year back…..

  20. Lone Wolf says:

    hey guys

  21. furyanwolf13 says:

    hello lone wolf

  22. llyon says:

    do you know if they have had any contact with other lycans??

    through all of this you have to remember that you are not the only one with loved ones that are lycans or vampires. my gf found out just over a year ago when i sorta turned into one while she was at my house(she looked asleep but she wasn’t) she wouldn’t talk to me for a week. but you are not alone just be carefull what type of info you give to people.

  23. Lone Wolf says:

    yeah my family dont even know only my bff does and thats just because she is and artic kitsune

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