Werewolves fade from spotlight, but remain a presence!

Christmas is over for another year and 2015 is right around the corner! Werewolves were out of the spotlight a little bit more this year than last year, and we saw it especially in places like movies, where werewolves and vampires  took a back seat to futuristic space themed and apocalyptic ideas.

It seems like in 2015, werewolves will retreat even farther from people’s minds, which for most werewolves is just fine.   The farther out of human’s minds werewolves are, the less of a threat humans are to werewolves.  This also means probably even fewer sightings of werewolves in 2015 than there were in 2014.  This is a good thing because as the years go on, and the human population becomes even larger, werewolf sightings seem to become almost inevitable.  But as is often the case – out of sight, means out of mind….so if humans aren’t thinking of werewolves, they may not recognize one – even if they have an accidental sighting.






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  1. WitchOfTheWater says:

    Unfortunately the same thing is not in place for witches

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