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First transformations are always the hardest. Let me elaborate on what happens if you can achieve a partial metamorphosis, and proceed to one of the stages of –metamorphosis. First, I trust in two types of transformations, and put them into two categories: good and evil (this is important). This you can always depend on, you can transform into the good or transform into the bad, count on that. Possibly some have achieved to control to which side they will turn, this is up to you to achieve the control. But what I want you to become aware of is the possibility of while trying transform you have an extreme chance of hallucinating. While in this process of transforming some things may only be apparent to you, while to others all is the norm. Seemingly colors could blur together, or smells become stronger, things you have never heard will all of the sudden be heard by you, and only you. It’s not uncommon to see things other people do not see. These hallucinations are scary and must be controlled, they are part of more to come. You must learn how to sort through this fog to discover what is reality and what is merely your “imagination,” sometimes this will be easier depending on the degree of the hallucinations. Now, this is when the good and evil come into play, the hallucinations could turn the weighted one to the good side, or to the bad side. This is all dependent on how you can handle the transformation and the hallucinations if you can achieve them. Hallucinations are common to the weighted ones- the humans living as werewolves.



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  1. Angel Wolf says:

    true true

  2. Angel Wolf says:

    but it was cruel.. what she did..

  3. Angel Wolf says:

    you can’t hide that

  4. Hachina says:

    I’m sure it was.

  5. Angel Wolf says:

    you don’t know how it feels to know all is not lost

  6. Angel Wolf says:

    i can only say thankyou

  7. Hachina says:

    May I ask, was it an accident, what she did?

  8. Angel Wolf says:

    no. it was purposely done

  9. Angel Wolf says:

    did you catch what she did or should i relate it to you?

  10. Angel Wolf says:

    are you silent?

  11. Angel Wolf says:

    fine then. leave me hanging. again.

  12. Hachina says:

    I don’t really remember what happened… Must’ve not have been there… Could ya relate it to me?

  13. Hachina says:

    Sorry. Went away for a sec. ><

  14. Angel Wolf says:


  15. Angel Wolf says:

    G2G. school time. my work is delivered to me.

  16. Hachina says:

    One sec… Brb… (Parents are bugging meh… )

  17. Angel Wolf says:


  18. nmack says:

    ireally am one im only half one

  19. jakar says:

    hachina i phantom shift i know for aome reason thats wat i do is that good

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