werewolves howl at the moon because….

Werewolf 967,

Hmmm… I think there are only 2 possibilities on HOW a werewolf transforms, they are:

1.  Involuntarily by the full moon

2.  Voluntarily by meditation

I personally agree with Dnilan who says that the werewolf transformation happens through meditation.  As I mentioned before, maybe when a person first becomes a werewolf it is involuntarily transformed by the moon, but over time they learn to “Control the Beast” as you say!

As far as why werewolves howl at the moon, here are the possibilities:

1. werewolves howl at the moon because they’re trying to locate other werewolves (this is similar to the reason wolves howl at the moon).

2.  werewolves howl at the moon because whenever they see the moon they get mad and remember how painful it was to become a werewolf, so they howl in frustration and anger

3.  werewolves are NOT actually howling at the moon….they just howl in general, and since it is almost always a full moon when they are werewolves, we ASSUME they are howling at the full moon..but really they are just howling to howl.

Those are all the reasons I can think of as to why a werewolf  would howl at the moon.  I personally believe #2. Why? because after they howl, what happens? no, no other werewolves appear. what happens is they go on an attack of some kind…and I think they attack out of anger and frustration. What do you think?



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73 Responses

  1. werewolf vampire says:

    hey guys, i got outa hospital, guess what i ‘acidently’ did to a werewolf frnd? >:)

  2. werewolf vampire says:

    lol, he is still a werewolf

  3. werewolf vampire says:

    woo, happy valentines for yesterday!

  4. jo and me are one :P says:

    hehe yep! me too. in that event i found out that love was the thing that keeps me happy in these days and it was very tricky to find out who was the one who made love. ^^

  5. jo and me are one :P says:

    made me love ^^*

  6. Bella Fox says:

    Marti Graw Begins!!!

  7. werewolf vampire says:

    hmmmmmmmm, okay, oh i got a boy frnd! wooo, its so cool! i havent stopped talking to him in like days, lol

  8. werewolf vampire says:

    IM DUMPEDDDDDDDDD, lol, its not so bad really, but one of my ex’s says he is still in love with me, lol, just wait for a full moon, THEN you wont, lol

  9. lee ann says:

    aww this is where i get to pretend to care 😀 congrats on young love!

  10. Jeremy says:

    lee ann do you even care?

  11. lee ann says:

    no i dont care hence ‘pretending to care’ duh.

  12. lily says:

    i love were wolfs and i need some names do you have any really good name’s? and here are some for you what do you think about them midnight, night of death safira and the black night

  13. keith says:

    allow me to introduce myself,i am count vladislos dracula, werewolves and i are enemies, but i love the way they attack!!!!!

  14. ladyesman84 says:

    hi i want to be a were wolf but i read mostly every thing well can i not be evil like i really like a girl if i think f her do i still get angry and kill but this girl that i like doesnt like me i lover more then anything i would give the world and my family to be with her so if i thought of her when i was in from could maybe i just calm down like i feel like it is hard but i love her and it is hard to hurt her i wouldnt dar thinking to kill someone while being a werewolf and i have strees and school and techaers and everything and do u think if i eat alot of meat i would not killanybody o and will i get anry eshus or something like if i got puncht and hurt bad would i try to trasfrom or yell or something i have lot and loyt of questions

  15. ILiekPizza says:

    @ladyesman84: Werewolves are born, not made.

  16. she wolf says:

    I howl both at the dark and moon but I’m only doing it because to prank my friends.

  17. night wolf says:

    i howl for fun and its THE MOOOOOOON i mean come on who wouldnt howl at such a beautiful thing 🙂

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