werewolves howl at the moon because….

Werewolf 967,

Hmmm… I think there are only 2 possibilities on HOW a werewolf transforms, they are:

1.  Involuntarily by the full moon

2.  Voluntarily by meditation

I personally agree with Dnilan who says that the werewolf transformation happens through meditation.  As I mentioned before, maybe when a person first becomes a werewolf it is involuntarily transformed by the moon, but over time they learn to “Control the Beast” as you say!

As far as why werewolves howl at the moon, here are the possibilities:

1. werewolves howl at the moon because they’re trying to locate other werewolves (this is similar to the reason wolves howl at the moon).

2.  werewolves howl at the moon because whenever they see the moon they get mad and remember how painful it was to become a werewolf, so they howl in frustration and anger

3.  werewolves are NOT actually howling at the moon….they just howl in general, and since it is almost always a full moon when they are werewolves, we ASSUME they are howling at the full moon..but really they are just howling to howl.

Those are all the reasons I can think of as to why a werewolf  would howl at the moon.  I personally believe #2. Why? because after they howl, what happens? no, no other werewolves appear. what happens is they go on an attack of some kind…and I think they attack out of anger and frustration. What do you think?



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73 Responses

  1. Selene says:

    I think a werewolf is howling at the moon because *it* has so much power that it made the werewolf transform. Yes, the first transformation hurts, alot, and you never forget it, but you kind of don’t feel in the same way when you are in wolf form. You have wolf emotions, and aren’t always angry, as some stories say, but you hunt out of instinct.


  2. jessica says:

    I think that werewolves have souls and that werewolves are not monsters, they are just misunderstood creatures and that when they kill some one its because they cant control themselves. well i have an anger faze and when i get hit by some one hard enough i get really mad and the anger faze just activates and i go so ballistic, like one time i bit my sister and riped 2 layers of skin off of her arm(for some strange reason i have really sharp teeth). i act like an animal.

    p.s. i could never control it and i seem to walk with my hands and feet(like a dog). my friends are all like me but i and the strongest and the wildest. i would fight like a wolf against my sister(i am a bit small and my sister is big but when i take her on i always beat her).

  3. Selene, so what your are saying is that the instinct takes control of your mind and you have to hunt people or animals for food?

  4. Pete says:

    Just for the record: The full moon thing is a creation of the cinema, and has nothing to do with werewolves. It began with the movie THE WEREWOLF OF LONDON, and was used again in the Lon Chaney, Jr. WOLF MAN films (not so much in the first one, but the sequels).

    You see, the “werewolf” in the movies is really a version of Mr. Hyde from DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE. The filmmakers took elements from other stories and legends, and this hodgepodge became what the general public thinks of when they hear the word “werewolf.”

    Here is a list of items commonly associated with werewolves that are not part of the true werewolf legend:

    1. The bite of a werewolf will turn the victim into a werewolf.
    Sorry, but this is adopted from the legend of the vampire. The vampire’s bite was thought to turn the victim into a vampire. It’s not that simple, but this is where it comes from.

    2. The person becomes a werewolf at full moon.
    This is drawn from the documented cases of lunatics, or people who went mad when the moon was full. The moon served as a catalyst for the transformation in the movies. More on that a little later.

    3. The werewolf can only be killed by silver.
    This is another cinematic creation. Silver has been referred to as “moon metal,” so the “moon monster” can only be killed with “moon metal.” It also serves to render the beast less susceptible to conventional weaponry, thus making it harder to kill in the film.

    4. The sign of the beast is the pentagram.
    Nope. The pentagram has come to be known as a witch or occult symbol, but it actually began with early scientists and mathematicians, who were regarded in ancient times as wizards. The symbol they used to identify themselves for their secret meetings was . . . the pentagram.

    The truth is, for the title character in a werewolf movie to be sympathetic to the audience, he can’t WANT to be a werewolf. So the filmmakers took the story of Dr. Henry Jekyll and used the werewolf for the Mr. Hyde persona. There is a catalyst (formula/moon) and the transformation is involuntary and makes the afflicted person’s loved one’s vulnerable.

    REAL werewolves of legend changed at will at any time of day or year. They were transformed by magic and often used wolfskin or ointment in a ritual to make it happen.

    But the Wolf Man and his full moon transformations is all movie, and has no foundation in the legend of the werewolf.

  5. Re says:

    Even if they don’t howl in the moon, (if they do, ) Then they must have howled to know that thire there. Or maybe to call other wolfs?

  6. Selene says:

    I think that werewolves are overpowered by instict when they become wolves. In some stories, they con only become werewolves when they give themselves over to there insticts.

  7. Re says:

    Yes that might be true. Always in books it says that “since werewolves are animals that the human has to give up to the instincts. Unless you can over power them you shall not have them” Or something like that.

  8. nezumi says:

    pretty much riht wolves as a known fac howl when lonely dogs do too so that’s most likly why. though the frustration isn’t a bad idea either.

  9. Alice says:

    Just to make this clear I am your worst nighmare I am Alice the vampire, and I tink that werewolves howl at the moon because they are part dog and dogs howl at the moon

    bada bing bada ba!



  10. Werewolve bite says:

    So are werewovles really real? Is there any proof? Email me and edited


    • Joshua says:

      WELL I WUD THINK THT IT DIED OUT BUT THEORY IS A GERMAN MAN KILLED TONNES OF PEOPLE IN THE FULLMOON WEaring a wolf pelt but his murders looked like animal attacks so sorry they aint real but 1 day they cud be

  11. Jay says:

    Maby its a cry for help to god. Although i can’t dismiss the theory of communication maby its a cry from a longing to fine another, or a cry to warn
    people that they need to get away or prehaps just to mess with people giving them the shivers.

  12. Wendigo says:

    for those of you that publish stuff and u no what ur talking about stop!!!!this is who u should all fear and i will not have the secretes of my race publisiced

  13. Dark says:

    Wendigo? Wendigo warrior?

  14. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    wenidigo most of the thing we post are common knoledge ive yet to find any true weaknesses posted on here

  15. werewolf vampire says:

    hey, i need help. i have been told that i am EXACTLY like a were wolf, but i have also been told that i am a vampire too, because of my paler skin and cold body temprature. i know that i am a rare speiceies, and i have been for over 3 years now. but i need help. my problem is my anger, because everytime i get angry, you know whatr happens, i transform. but it really hurts, and my friend says i will get used to the pian, but i have been a wolf longer. is my being a vampire too affecting my transforming? i need help!

  16. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    yes it probbly is the body of a vamp is not designed to transform it breaks bones and probably rips skin because you have vampire in you

  17. Alice says:

    okay, just throwing this out here but couldnt it be that your vampire sie is just more dominant? Really, how many times do you transform, well, you can as much as you want, but you can never take the form of a human. this is really just adding on to what Ian (above. i think thats ur name lol i tried) sad above.

  18. Omigioha says:

    Hi alice im a werewolf just telling you anyway want to be my friend i dont make friends alot because we move every year anyway im almost two hundred years old so tell me if you wanna be friends or not?

  19. me says:

    observation: w.d. is located almost everywhere. ^^

  20. werewolf vampire says:

    yeah Alice, my name might be lame but i still needed the help. it doesn’t hurt much now, but it still does, i actully broke my leg yesterday after transforming, i don’t like cruches. plus yyour name is just as lame, for alice is the name of a vampire in twilight.

  21. Jenna says:

    LOL thats just my nickname Jenna is my real name lol

  22. werewolf vampire says:

    oh and thanx for the help. although it was not very usefull, i only really found that it was affecting my transforming. plus, i am alawys getting angry at my friends, even if they are being nice.

  23. Jenna says:

    anyone you feel strong for, you will want to feed on anger turns to rage, rage turns to actions or at least thats what happened with me lol

    sorry i have to ask i ask everyone this but how tall are you?

  24. Alice says:

    lol okay then dont talk to me

  25. werewolf vampire says:

    sorry haven’t been on in a while, i am 5 foot 4, sorry

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