werewolves imprinting?

Werewolf 967 talked about werewolves falling in love. One common question recently regarding this is do werewolves imprint? Imprinting in werewolves is not a true phenomenon. This is werewolf fiction. The term “imprinting” and its relationship to werewolves became very popular with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, where she notes that werewolves “imprint”, which she terms as basically finding a soul mate that they’ll do anything for. As werewolf 967 points out, when a real werewolf falls in love they typically try to find a relationship that would last a lifetime – werewolves do not fall in love lightly mainly because they are very careful about who they fall in love with to begin with. They have a secret that they must protect and this gets in the way of their feelings alot of the time.



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19 Responses

  1. wolfboy382 says:

    ha im the first to comment

  2. yo fo says:

    shut up about the first comments….they get on my nevre

  3. me says:

    it seems fun so continue. 3rd ^^

  4. llyon says:

    this is true lycans can be picky about who they partner with.

  5. shadow usami says:

    well its true yes but most stay within the lycan species so we dont have to hide it

  6. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:


  7. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    never mind.

  8. jo says:

    true, love can be very heavy because it affects us within which is very serious.

  9. **. lycans are real not warewolfs warewolfs come from a german interpretation of lycans because of their wolf-like reselblence. lycans do imprint and it is much like the twilights version but everything else about twilight is incorect. lycans cannot phase on their own will it happens occasionally during the lunar eclipse and full moon. the person is not aware of it and does not remember a thing. silver that whole thing is a lie. the only thing that can kill them is a bullet that is the color silver but is not silver. anymore questions? feel free to contact me *edited

  10. DeaniraWinter says:

    I agree, mostly with Sydney…Lycans…do Imprint..sorry..But true….And, it is…Not exactly like Stephanie Meyer’s version…But similar…Impriinting is tough however…and some never do…But…Also..Sydney…there are…Very few…But some Lycans…Who are able to shift Upon will…They have enough control to do so…It would take years to learn…and it could be hard, and somewhat messy…But it is very capable.

  11. Leassa says:

    I imprinted on my now ex boyfriend who is also a lycan, but he does not love me the way i love him. He wants to start dating other human females which i find repulsive, i am getting weaker every day without my boyfriend and i feel like i’m slowly dying. I can’t get him outta my head because i love him so much and i refuse to leave his side, he is the last of the pure blooded ones as far as either of us knows and there is no one else for me. I hate humans because of how pathetic they are, only 2 of my friends know what i am but they are very open minded for human beings. Can i erase the imprint i made on my ex boyfriend? If not how do i get him to see how much i love him?

  12. kitty says:

    werewolf imprinting is real. i kno cuz im 1. actually im a vampwolf. i have found the one for me recently (boyfriend) so… when female werewolves find the one, their discharge that they get in between periods increases and more comes out.

    • doris says:

      really you a real werewolves and half a vampire can i fall in lovewith a werewolves or can he do that to me were you from

  13. Shatto says:

    @DeaniraWinter: Learn to use the space bar

  14. Emily says:

    I know this may sound stupid…but is there a difference between lycanthropes and werewolves? If so, could someone please enlighten me? Thanks! =)

  15. Faith says:

    wait so they can imprint and how is it done?????

  16. EmCWolf says:

    Imprinting is not real, just a product of young-adult fiction. The first time you fall in love, it may feel like you’ve “imprinted” on someone and want to be with them forever – but that’s just how falling in love is, due to the rush of hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine. Werewolves are just careful about who we fall in love with, and don’t give our hearts away easily; there has to be a deep connection and trust first.

  17. justanauthor says:

    Y’all are roleplaying… right?

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