Werewolves in Fable 3 are called Balverines!

In Fable (the XBOX 360 game), there’s a creature called a Balverine.  The Balverine is sometimesFable 3 referred to as the Fable version of the werewolf.  And they are indeed very similar to werewolves.  Characteristics they have in common with werewolves include that they are covered in fur, are incredibly strong, and are susceptible to silver. One interesting thing about the balverine mythology that is a little different from any werewolf mythology however, is the difference in the coloring of the fur among the creatures. Fable mythology indicates that there are both dark colored and white colored balverines – the difference between the two is that the white-colored ones were humans that were bitten specifically during a full-moon.

During the game, many of the Balverines you’ll come across are permanently in their “wolf-like” form, however you will occasionally find some that reference transforming. Transforming goes back to the origins of the creature – which is very similar to the werewolf.  It is said that all balverines originated from one person that was bitten by a creature called a Balvorn.  The Balvorn’s bite caused the man to become the very first balverine.  From this one creature, the population grew and grew. They say that balverines are vicious, and that anyone that transforms into one of the creatures becomes incredibly ferocious and will crave human flesh. It is rumored that the actual word itself -Balverine is based on the word “wolverine” (a wolverine is a carnivorous animal that lives in forests and is related to the weasel.)



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5 Responses

  1. Kelly (just is) says:

    In fable 3, there are two transformation scenes from human to balverine, one is when you first encounter balverines in a masqurade party, the second is when you must find a statue stolen by a theif, if you choose to protect the town after you defeat his little minions the guy comes and transforms into a white balverine. (their color also has to do with how strong they are)

  2. An interesting take! I have yet to play this game, but you may have just persuaded me to try it out. 🙂 I wonder if the Underworld “werewolf” concept was any influence on this.

  3. Kelly (just is) says:

    Well, the game is good but your hero cannot become a balverine werecreature or so such. You just fight them.

  4. Asdfghjkl says:

    This is incorrect. I could give you a very long and rather boring lecture on why this is the case, but I will spare you the details. All that is important is to know that balverines aren’t werewolves

  5. Asdfghjkl says:

    Oh and balverines are actually just intolerant to burning nitrate

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