werewolves love being werewolves

If you could see the world from the eyes of a werewolf your perspective on life would be much different than it is now. Your life would be easier, but with more obstacles. Your goals would be farther, yet easier to grasp. You would see the world from a perspective that only a limited number of humans have ever seen. You will begin to understand why a werewolf loves being a werewolf and why a werewolf does not view himself, or herself, as “cursed.”

I am only cursed if I believe I am cursed.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. You deny a being when there is much proof within the country in which you reside? So many sightings in England… It is a shame, knowing your level of ignorance.

  2. Bob says:

    Obviously, my name isn’t bob. I’m using it As a cover. Seriously though, werewolves, wolfbloods whatever you call us, do exist. I’ve done loads of tests, and checked ancestery, and I am one. Stop being so close minded.

  3. Emmarose says:

    werewolves are real and I know this becasue i am one and anyone who says that werewolves arnt real should just go outside and look at the world they are all around you living as your neighbors, or even your friends, anyone who walks by you on the streets could be a werewolf so if you refuse to belive that my kind exsists then please dont go all over the internet saying that anyone who says they are a werewolf is just some crazy person who doesnt know what they are talking about, I have a pack and we would all prefer to not be called crazy.

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