October Full Moon

Tomorrow is the October full moon!  Werewolves will feel the moon’s influence most strongly tomorrow.  Although the full moon is not required for a werewolf to transform, it does have an influence and impact on the werewolf – just like it does on humans.  Werewolves will feel more like themselves, clearer-headed, and quicker.  This event really only happens about once a month, so werewolves, go out tomorrow night and enjoy!

Full Moon Dates 2009

full moon

full moon



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3 Responses

  1. me says:

    1st! and what effects would that be? ^^

  2. Whitetip says:

    Uh… Yea… My instincts kick in majorly…. By that I mean uh “mating”

  3. nopack says:

    October is my favorite month. My friends say I act like a puppy but I don’t care I love it plus u can hide as wolf not just asa werewolf acting like a human. No I mean u can turn out in the open and no one will give u a look. I’m litterly going todress as a wolf and go and piss off my vamp friends so they come out of their holes (houses)

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