Werewolves of Twilight

It’s hard to miss that the next Twilight movie Breaking Dawn is coming out, so with that in mind let’s take a look at the Werewolves of Twilight.  Who they are and what they look like.

jacob black werewolf

Jacob Black

#1: Jacob Black

Of course, the most famous and wideley known of the Twilight Werewolves is Jacob Black. Jacob Black is a love interest of Bella, the star in the series. He has proclaimed that he is undeniably in love with Bella. This poses a problem for Bella for two reason – a.) Bella is in love with someone else – a vampire named Edward and b.) Jacob is himself a werewolf.  In the movie, the role of Jacob is played by Taylor Lautner.
Jacob lives in forks, Washington.
He is part of the Quileute Tribe.
He is the son of Billy Black.


sam uley

Sam Uley

#2:  Sam Uley:

Sam plays a major role in the Quileute tribe as the leader and alpha of the Quileute werewolves.  He was the first of the tribe to transform into a werewolf and takes the other shape-shifters under his wing and tutelage as they take their place in the pack.  He is a hard character to like in the book as he comes of as unfriendly and stern.
Sam is the son of Joshua and Allison Uley.
He is the ex-boyfriend of Leah Clearwater, another werewolf in the pack.
He is engaged to Emily Young.

quil ateara

Quil Ateara

#3:  Quil Ateara

Quil is one of the most likeable of the Quileute werewolves. He is a perpetually happy person, and sees being a werewolf as exciting and fun. He is very good friends with Jacob and is on friendly terms with Bella. Jacob is Quil’s second cousin.

#4:  Embry Call

embry call

Embry Call

Embry is the second of Jacob’s best friends (the other being Quil).He transformed into a werewolf before Jacob, causing a brief rift in their friendship as he joined Sam Uley’s “pack” before Jacob even knew that he was a werewolf as well. He is alot more reserved and quieter than Quil or Jacob. Embry is the son of Tiffany Call.


#5:  Leah Clearwater

leah clearwater

Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater is the only female of the Twilight Werewolves. She is initially portrayed as being very bitter and unpleasant, however later it becomes clear that she is only this way because of her broken heart related to her break-up with Sam, and then the forced humiliation of having to be in Sam’s pack. Leah is the ex-girlfriend of Sam Uley. She is Seth Clearwater’s older sister. She is teh second cousing to Emily Young (Sam’s fiance).
#6:  Seth Clearwater

seth clearwater

Seth Clearwater

Seth Clearwater is the younger brother of Leah Clearwater, and one of the La Push werewolves. He looks up to Jacob and admires him, and portrays a very likeable character who is able to look beyond the divisions in history between the werewolves and the vampires. He is one of Jacob’s strongest supporters and is very loyal to him.

#7:  Ephraim Black
Ephraim Black is part of the Quileute tribe ancestry. When he was alive, he was a werewolf and the pack’s alpha leader as well as the tribe chief. Ephraim’s connection with the present is that he was alive when the Cullens first came to live in the La Push area.

Paul Lahote

Paul Lahote

#8:  Paul Lahote

Paul is a werewolf pack member. He does not seem to be able to come to easy terms or understanding with vampires, and in fact in the movie he plays the werewolf that gets angry very easily and tried to kill Bella. He is known for being ill-tempered and short-tempered, though he does work on these things.



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  1. Mariana says:

    I love your advice to Jacob, Nina! I think that it was spot on. Who in the right mind would like to wait for a girl to grow up to fall in love with her, right? Man, that just wrong!

  2. Bob says:

    Actually it is clearly stated in one of the books that Jacob et al are not actually werewolves but are in fact shape shifters or changelings due to their native American heritage and that their ability to transform into wolves is based on their tribes spirit animal and not being actual werewolves

  3. Lorie says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Werewolves
    of Twilight | | i love WEREWOLVES <Loved it!

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