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There is always alot of controversy as to whether or not you’d find werewolves online. Many humans see werewolves as antiquated creatures that should be cowering in a forest somewhere instead of online as connected as the rest of humans. There is alot of hate directed towards werewolves online. Many of the concerns humans pose are that online werewolves are fakers or not real werewolves.

The truth is that real werewolves can, and are online just as much as they want to be. Consider the fact that newer werewolves have grown up in today’s technology, and so are comfortable with the internet. Just because they are werewolves does not mean they all of a sudden forget about everything they knew or liked as a human. They don’t revert to being archaic and prehistoric. Werewolves of today are much more advanced than humans think. Werewolves are, if humans want to believe nothing else, incredibly smart. They can use the techonologies that have been developed to their advantage – to stay hidden, to find food, to protect themselves.

By the same token, older werewolves are just as likely to be online. It is true that werewolves have a longer than normal lifespan. Some are very, very old. Just because however a werewolf is very old does not mean that they cannot keep up with the times. Older werewolves are very unlike older humans. Older werewolves advance with technology probably faster than any human does. The older ones typically have more money so can afford to buy the newest technological releases. Because they have lived so long, they are also comfortable with change, and understand the importance of keeping up with the times, especially to blend in.

General rules for the werewolf- Werewolf Maxim’s.

In fact, many werewolves have set up communities online to find each other and give advise and help to the new. Online werewolf communities are generally very welcoming to their own kind. Many tend to keep their real identities secret in case humans are watching. Most don’t mind the fact that humans are disbelievers, this helps keep the true existence of werewolves a secret, and the panic out of the hearts of humans.



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293 Responses

  1. Wolfy says:

    I had a dream I was running with wolves and I woke up in the middle of the night when I got light headed stomach pain shoulder pain and leg pain and side pain I howl and I can’t help bbut get Rage when I’m hurt just like a werewolf! I read on something werewolves get rage when they R hurt I even bite my dog if he bites me!

  2. Wolfy says:

    Oh when I’m 13? I’m 9

  3. Wolfy says:

    Oh when I’m 13? Ah man I’m 9

  4. Wolfy says:

    I wanna be werewolf when I’m 10 though 🙁

  5. Wolfie says:

    Well You Are A Werewolf Through The Sign You Have Given Me But Through All Books I Have Consulted You Will Fully Change At 13

  6. Wolfie says:

    The Next Sign Is Your Teeth Might Get Sharper And Your Ears May Become More Pointy .

  7. Wolfie says:

    But It Could Be Genetic , Though It’s Possible For You To Start Changing From 11 Or 12 Years Of Age And I Started Changing Since I Was 10 Going To 11 That Year .

  8. WAF HGeneral.Wolf(Insignia of 1st. AiroWolf Pilot) says:

    Okay, I can’t stay, but I want Lupe to see something before it disappears! I have to go NOW!

  9. Wolfy says:

    My teeth are sharper today and I’m only 9

  10. Wolfy says:

    How come I howl every single night?on a full moon….

    • Fallenstar says:

      What you WANT people to say is that your a werewolf. Though really there is no logical reason why you do it. I mean you can do it because you have the urge or because you want to. But Howling at the moon is more of a myth, And is found in movies. Based on research wolves howl because they are communicating or mourning for a death.

    • Lupe says:

      @Fallenstar I honestly agree with that to an extent. However I feel (as one who understands people deeply) that their reason for trying to get others to believe their flawed reality is due to their feeling like they need to belong, like.. they need their voice to be heard. And TECHNICALLY anyone can casually howl at the moon, an URGE to do so is more of a myth than anything. But back to the Wolfy topic..

      @Wolfy logic. Logic? Hm.. logic.

      1: Do not post meaningless information online.
      2: Do not post personal information online.
      3: “I read on something werewolves get rage when they R hurt.” Something you said caught my eye, which in all reality kind of makes me think. Hm.. you state you read something online that this is the case, and previously you said it was the case for you. In all honesty, I feel like you only think you feel these things because you have read it somewhere. Your mind only believes you feel it if you know about it. Does that mean it’s real? Likely not! Yet, then aside from reasons you could NOT be fake, why do you wish us to believe you are said Wolf? I see no actual “symptoms” per sé of being a werewolf, only just symptoms of either clinical lycanthropy or perhaps just bs brought in through faking. In otherwords, eh? I see very little logic, added to the statement of “how come I howl every single night? On a full moon..” every single night is not a full moon FYI and it is totes probs because you feel you are one and you keep thinking that you are one that you were to feel these things. Yet aside from reasons you AREN’T fake, let’s look at reasons you are.. first of all, when Wolfie comes on and says these things you automatically believe him, and (watch this) you will come online and berate us for saying things in opposition to your beliefs or point of view SIGNIFYING that you want us to believe you and thusly PROVING that you are a fake. Fakes wish others to believe them, to believe their lies and do not accept any other opinion that differs from their own. What is your opinion? Heck, by all means what is mine? Go ahead and hammer me down for saying this, but I don’t believe that you are what you say that you are. And in all honesty, if you believe you are this yourself you must be lying to yourself, in other words a fake at heart anyways. So both things aside, these are not symptoms and I believe you are a fake. End of story and have a great day.

  11. Wolfy says:

    Oh also if it’s a myth and you don’t believe me or other people have had werewolf signs dont go on this web

    • Lupe says:

      @Wolfy: Quite.. intriguing. You chose to go to a rather primitive argument to shoot down the argument aimed at you. In all honesty, that seems highly.. coincidental?

      “You will come online and berate us for saying things in opposition to your beliefs or point of view SIGNIFYING that you want us to believe you and thusly PROVING that you are a fake. Fakes wish others to believe them, to believe their lies and do not accept any other opinion that differs from their own.”

      Coincidence? I think not. Although, I might have to revise that whole fake thing.. not only do fakes, or people in general do what I said.. and by the way I predicted the future lol (jk) I have noticed that someone called R.e.s.e.a.r.c.h.a. or boi (I will call them that because their original name is unable to be used by my account for some reason) was berated for doing exactly what I am doing, same with Lycanhope, Lee Ann, I think Verumiel might have, and a few others for bringing actual “truth” to a rather deceptive website.

      Here is a suggestion. What if I know what werewolves really are, and the truth about them, and I told you that those symptoms which you feel or are dealing with are not werewolf symptoms, but rather CL or bs?

      In all honesty, and in any and every technicality, you are wrong. Here is why..

      “And in all honesty, if you believe you are this yourself you must be lying to yourself, in other words a fake at heart anyways.” you might use this sentence to prove me wrong, but that is something (I forgot the actual term) which is a corrupt way of proving a point (biased, opinionated, and at times flawed point). You might say that I said “if you believe you are this yourself, you are lying to yourself” and thus in your opinion could mean “werewolves are fake.” In all technicality I do not remember saying that werewolves were fake, but I do remember the next sentence that I used. That of which you will ignore and will throw off your entire argument altogether.

      “So both things aside, these are not symptoms and I believe you are a fake.” These are not symptoms.. if you would think about context clues, wouldn’t you think that might suggest that I might know actual symptoms? If so, if I know “actual symptoms,” would that mean that I might believe that werewolves exist? Hm.. let’s lupe further.. (lupe is a term I made which means to go extensively into topic and not stopping until done, generally as a means to prove a point, disprove an argument, or perhaps teach something)

      “Oh also if it’s a myth [well technically most things that you say are myths, which you state said myths are reality. They are myths for a reason. That is because they do not exist. But what does exist can be CLASSIFIED as a werewolf. Both CL and true shifters aka beast bloods or other kin are werewolves. Other things stated in mythology.. most likely not. Especially those inspired by common media] and you don’t believe me or other people have had werewolf signs [are you suggesting that I do not believe in werewolves? I honestly feel as if you are. But if so, do you think that perhaps I just do not believe you are a werewolf with the “signs” you have given?] dont go on this web” meh. Too late, I am integrated anyways. I prefer to remain voiceless in the wind, sparkless on the internet. Meaning I prefer not to leave just yet. It is not my time to leave, so meh.

      But as for you, I honestly should not hold grudges for it is not in my nature to do so, neither is it in the Gospel that I should. In all honesty though, it is people such as yourself.. people who come onto a website, give symptoms and then once disproven backlashes in anger and aggression, useless at all times only to spark drama.. people such as that which shielded me from the truth of which I spent so long wishing I had.. there is a parable I decided to make. Here it is..

      The fox chased the rabbit because he was hungry. He was hungry because the rabbit ate his food. It had been nine months since the fox had eaten last, growing ever hungrier and angrier by the day. It had been nine months because the rabbit kept the food from the fox. The fox kept searching for the rabbit, so that he might find the food. Searching and hunting, he waited and stalked miles and miles of tracks for the exact truth it was searching for. In patience, the fox found the rabbit stealing more food from the other animals, and decided that it was enough. Nine months, he waited. Nine months no more. The rabbit was cornered, and slowed down from all of the weight of food it was carrying. This food was covered with a sickly green vine, which carried the most weight – as the food was weightless to the rabbit. Closer and closer the Fox inched, until he jumped high in the air and pounced on the rabbit. Sn***ing the rabbit’s ne*k, the fox began to lustfully eat the food. Playing with the d**d rabbit, the fox continued to move the food away further and further. For even now, the rabbit had lied still. The food had grown heavy to the Fox, for after the vines disappeared, the food was infected. Knowing not, the fox gave the food to the animals in the forest and plains, mountains and rivers, and from everywhere where the food had been taken from. Unknowingly with this infected fruit, he was infected too and infected the entire ecosystem. The Fox slowly began to drive away from what was sane, and began to lie even to himself. This was until one fateful moment an uninfected Coyote, a wise raven, and an old wolf each met the Fox with a trial for each in his mind. Through this, the Fox continued to rant “the more we blame others for our actions, the less we blame ourselves for what we actually did.” He blamed himself for allowing himself to eat of the sickly food, for allowing his desire for food to overwhelm his calling to be that light on the mountain, to be light and salt to the world so they might see the truth and have this food.. but that this food be not spoiled but good and ripe and fresh and healing food. He continued to wish to blame others, hunting on every rabbit he saw. Then he realized he was still blaming them by hunting them and decided to instead not blame them but himself. By doing so, he walked away from the guidance of the wolf, coyote, and raven and went his own way, thinking he could let them just be them, even if they wished to remain in corruption. Walking through the forest, he saw many wolves infected by the food. What he saw grew even worse. The wolves would hunt for more meat, as they hungered for food. The only food they could have was infected food. They grew a liking for infected food and disliked food that was good. “It was their fault for doing this to themselves, right?” The fox said, walking into his den. An echo in the wind blew and he heard “the more we blame others for our actions, the less we blame ourselves for what we actually did.” Then, the Fox yelped “But if we do not do something about this corruption, how will the fresh food even survive?” So he went to the lone wolf, who sat with all of his experience gathered over the years. “Do not trust in every food you are given. But make sure to feed the creatures of the forest.” The fox thanked him but he heard not, for this was only a memory of him, given long long ago. “The corruption was here, is here, and will follow. It will only just keep getting worse.” The Fox, still young stated, “It will get worse, unless we do something about it!” So the Fox, learning something new decided to go to the mountain. The fox met the Raven there, an old friend. The raven refused to eat of corrupted carrion and continued to only eat of food that was good. “Trust not in all of the food you are given, but to not consider some animals – even if corrupted, is truly insane.” The raven crowed. The fox made sure to write it down and thanked the raven. “Not only take fresh food, but if you must give food, give only fresh food and make sure your food is actually good. Or else, do not give it.” The Fox trotted away, leaving the raven to his own designs on the mountain. The raven drew a light on the mountain, but knew not what to do with it. The fox, thinking hard came up with a plan. “What if we were to use this mountain to be used as a beacon so that any animals searching for fresh food can find it?” The food behind the mountain was fresh, and at that refreshing. So it was a plan that was put into play. Then the fox muttered to himself, “how will I have a way to do this? And if so, how could I have the courage to do this?” The Fox was cowardly, as he used very clever ways to maneuver around conversations and situations, so that they wouldn’t see his weakness as he still struggled with corruption. “Better yet, how would I get the food up into the mountain so that the animals would have food to eat?” So the Fox delved into the darker forest. There, he came across the coyote, of whom became quick friends. The coyote was alone and did not have much friends. Was it not the fox who was supposed to be alone? Even with all of his friends, the fox envied the coyote for his ability to be alone. The coyote told the fox “be not ashamed of yourself, for you are a social person. Just be yourself, it is a curse to be like me.” Telling the coyote, the fox thought of a clever comeback, “Yes, but it is better to be alone, for that way you don’t have fear to be loved for who you are not.” It was clever, way too clever. But it gave the Coyote comfort, more comfort in being alone and an appreciation at that. Then it hit the Fox, and he said “Perhaps, I should just appreciate myself? And as I should appreciate myself, I should others too, and accept them and tolerate them.” The coyote had unknowingly taught the fox how to teach himself. Or more of reignited that ability. A corrupted wolf long ago, while the forest was corrupted and the Fox was alone, the fox not knowing what he was, went to the corrupted wolf for guidance. Above all things he taught, one still remained. “You cannot teach others, what you cannot learn yourself.” And thus, the Fox learned how to teach himself, but kept forgetting. It was the coyote who helped him remember, and who reminded him to always be himself, even if a strange fox with a long, corrupted background. The fox thanked the coyote and gave him many lessons, then walked away. Deeper into the forest, the Fox came across a memory again. This time, he saw him and the wolf of old who was gone except in memory. The raven flew down and talked with the fox as they watched it. The raven was not friends with the wolf, for they did not like each other well. During the fight, the wolf yelled “I thought you were one of the unique, logical ones.” That dug deep into the young fox’s heart and when the wolf turned and ran, never to be seen again, the fox played an innocent child, pretending to be someone else and the wolf bought it. But it was from the corrupted food the fox had eaten, and a lack of wisdom which caused the fox to do that. But the wolf ran, never to be seen again, and this angered the raven. The raven would have sided with the wolf if he had been there, but he wasn’t. Instead, now the raven despised the wolf for running away mid-battle and giving up, and decided that although the fox had done a cowardly thing and pretended to be someone else, that at least he tried fighting the corruption and changed. The Fox was wary, and prayed every night that their friendship did not break. Continuing to help the raven in any way he could, the fox continued his search for a way to bring the food up to the mountain. The fox hated his past, and continued to hate himself for what he had done, wishing and praying his past would not destroy his future. Is every hero perfect? Does every main character have to be a romantic hero? Thoughts flooded into the fox’s brain, and as he began to learn new dialect, a voice from a young bear roared to the fox. It was another memory, from the times before this craziness. “If I cannot do great things, I will do small things in a great way.” This gave the Fox boldness and he walked into the forest with everyone else, and began giving out the food he could cary. Rushing back he went to the plains when he saw a group of creatures huddled together, conversing about themselves. They all had like-minds, and they each hated what the Fox was doing. But the fox understood them, for he too still suffered from corruption. His infection was improving, for he was eating of fresh food. But the infected in the forest and plains had offspring which were infected too, and when one fell, another took their place. Each descendent worse than it’s lack, and slowly each of them began to degrade in logic. “Please, eat this food. It pains me to see so many people suffer.. I wish to save them all, or if I cannot at least those which eat of this food, I wish to save.” Then a booming voice from the sky yelled “read this” and a paper fell from the sky. On it was “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes on him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” Every day from henceforth, the fox began to listen to this voice. The voice was the same voice that taught them how to live and survive in the forest, but now the Fox was actually listening and learning. “The same came for witness, that he might bear witness of the light, that all might believe through him.” “While you have the light, believe on the light, that you may become sons of light.” And with that, the Fox and the raven were set on making this beacon a beacon for all kinds of fresh food, from far and wide, ripe and close. Walking into the old forest behind the mountain, the Fox came across the same area where he and the wolf had their battle. The fox noticed something on the ground. Picking it up, he brought it up to the mountain and with curiosity lit the thing. It became a torch and this torch was a magnet for food. Fresh food from far and wide, close and ripe, began entering the top of the mountain, where the light was. Some animals noticed this, including the coyote as the fox and raven brought the food across the lands. The raven had some trouble at the beach so he had to leave. The Fox was left there to give food to the animals in the place. The rabbit came by and continued to lie, and the fox chased the rabbit and caught him, and the rabbit lied still. “Well this is how it is then, huh?” He said, making it seem as if the Fox was putting the rabbit on trial. “Could I have forgiveness?” Then the Coyote, watching, came up and clawed at the rabbit. “You ask for forgiveness, but then you have no action. Therefore I will not forgive you for feeding these animals corrupted food.” The rabbit laughed. “I did not feed it to them, the Fox did.” Soon, the rabbit disappeared in the masses and said “You are not as good as the old wolf, you young fox.” The Fox, conflicted, waited at the mountain of light for the raven. Seldom did the raven come this time around. “I have been busy.” He cawked at him. Then after a short conversation, with the Fox barely asking for help, the raven left. Was the raven mad at him? Was it the fox? Or was it something else, which was told to him by the raven? The fox decided to trust the raven and looked to the sky. “I need help on what to do.” Then, a booming voice said, “Do not agree with them, but learn to tolerate them.” The fox closed his eyes and thought for hours. What has become of him? What will become of him? If only he could turn back time, none of this would have happened. A canary appeared through a passing cloud and tweeted, “We do not choose the path we are on, but we can choose what we do with the time we have been given.” This causes the fox to think long and hard and thought of something. “No, rabbit. You are right. I am not as good as the wolf, I am nothing like the old wolf. But I am like me, and I must appreciate and accept myself as I am, so that I might not give away corrupted meat but continue to eat good food and give good food away. I will not let their trickery and deception bring me down for if I must choose what to do in the time I am given, I choose to do what I have from the start, and I will carry the torch if I have to!” And from then forth, the fox had been carrying the torch for all to see, Showing the way to fresh food. Ignoring the ghosts of his past, he finds that some would not change their corrupted ways and will produce more, and even worse heirs to their corruption. But at least for those listening to the truth, the fox made sure of it that no matter what, the good would always be ready and available for those searching for true good food.

      How did you like my parable? Well, with all of this luped, I hope that this entire essay/booklet helps clear away your misconceptions and thoughts.

    • Lupe says:

      I really should have read this over before I posted because I just realized how self centered I made this parable. What I was intending to say in the parable was that the fox had been trying to fight against the corruptedness the rabbit caused, and as the Fox was weak, he needed help from many people to get him to where he was now – he could not have done it alone. Overall, I would say that the Fox was only trying to carry out a dream which others thought impossible. In a sense perhaps he is shown as the “hero,” but keep in mind he is not the hero for he was the one who fed the animals the corrupted food. He is only shown AS the hero due to him being the protagonist of the story. Honestly a part of this was a tad bit exaggerated and some things that were thought or said weren’t exactly in relation to the original parable, but they were just added for dramatic effect, such as the fox worrying about the raven not wanting to be his friend, and the coyote’s personality is not particularly in relation to the original personality. It was only morphed for dramatic effect, this effect to.. Well I’m not sure. Who doesn’t like a dramatic parable with a possibility to grow into a story.

  12. Wolfy says:

    Look only people who beilieve werewolves should go on this web also Lupe you know it’s ok to beilieve and not to correct people about every thing they say….>:(

  13. Wolfy says:

    also who ever made this web….I have been having signs in turning into a werewolf I get light headed and my nails and teeth are sharper and it i bite silver it stings my whole body and I’ve been getting pain all over on my arms my legs my stomache my hips and my shoulders and I have a taste of for blood and meat every night…

  14. Wolfy says:

    Also is you turn into werewolf at age 9 then your genetically A werewolf that’s what happen d to me at age 9 i turned into a werewolf…..Also you do have memory you were a werewolf it’s not that werewolves have NO memory when they go normal they do member they were a werewolf 🙂

  15. Wolfy says:

    And there’s proof there’s werewolves online.

  16. Wolfy says:

    Also if werewolves weren’t real and if they weren’t online…..they wouldn’t be too smart

  17. Wolfy says:

    I beilieved wolfie because I trusted people

  18. Lupe says:

    And once again, I see a diversion.

    There is proof werewolves exist, but not in the way you think.

    It is ok, as you say, to believe in werewolves.

    You can believe what you wish.

    However, that changes nothing in any fact that of which I said was true.

    Those symptoms you gave, as I stated, are not werewolf symptoms. For those symptoms, I suggest seeing a doctor, from most to almost all of it just seems.. either dillusion or a true illness.

    If werewolves weren’t real, they would not be online to begin with. For they, as they “weren’t real” in this hypothetical situation, couldn’t because they wouldn’t exist. But..

    How could anyone have intelligence if they were out of existence?

    What does intelligence have to do with one being online? In fact, I think reasonably one who is offline more is probably more logical (not smarter) due to the fact that they see being online as not that big of importance. However, I see people “wasting their time” on a website such as this one. Are they really wasting their time? Well.. that depends on what they do in the time they have on here. Furthermore, what does this have to do with anything I said?

    As stated, and I quote, “Those symptoms you feel are not those of a real werewolf.” I rest my case. (Again) have a good day.

  19. Wolfy says:

    I went to the doctor he said that I’m not sick and they tested my blood and said what ever it was is unknown

    • Lupe says:

      Then if you are not sick and they could not find a definite answer to whatever illness it could be (I have no idea why you would get your blood checked, unless you really felt it necessary but.. I digress again), it is likely that you were just suffering from dillusion.

      In that case, I apologize, it is not an insult to be dillusional, it is a medical condition. Then, I would suggest seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist about this. They might be able to help you there.

      But that is a week or so old, however I have had a good day, and I hope you have had so too, now if you excuse me I must resume my being offline. Goodbye. And have a nice day/week.

  20. Wolfy says:

    Also have a good day also lupe

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