werewolves roam at night

It would be something else to see a werewolf in the light of the day. The seemingly impossible transformation during the day is, by contrary belief, very possible. Werewolves by history and study of the recordings of werewolves have always been done during the night. But, is it possible that the werewolf can transform during the day? Yes, but you have to think outside of the stereotype, you have to know where to look, where to find a werewolf that is cast out into the sun during the day. Many believe that the werewolf likes to stay hidden, this is true, a day transformation sticks by this strict standard, the werewolf will never be caught during the day. He will stay hidden, he will starve, he may not even survive. The werewolf instinct is pure by night, and corrupted if transformaed during the day. The werewolf will hide and stay hidden. He will find the deepest darkest corner of the location he is at, he will stay there, hiding in the shadow of the day. If he was not inside during the transformation he will hide any place possible outside.Don’t mistake this for a vampire. (Vampires cannot “touch sunlight.”) The werewolf is not afraid of the light in the same way as a vampire. The sunlight to a werewolf is merely unnatural and frightens him, angers him… be careful if you find one during the day. The daylight transformation is very rare, and is even harder to find records of. The werewolf understands he is vulnerable during the day and will hide, will avoid crowds, and can die not only from starvation but from other health issues that the sunlight stress activates.  people say not to be afraid, I am afraid of these people



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  1. astute newt says:

    a horizontal rock climbing wall that weigh a fricken half of a ton fell on myself and 5 other campers

  2. astute newt says:

    it sucked

  3. Oh sh*t, that must have hurt. Lolz.

  4. astute newt says:

    ya some kid broke like seven bones, oddly enough I only suffered a back injury that would have paralyzed anyone else that I recovered from in a week lol

  5. Wow. I’m not saying I enjoy pain but that would be fun to get smashed by a rock climbing wall! Lolz. I’m a weird person.

  6. lonewolf123 says:

    yah, i think it would be fun! ‘hey, look, jimmy, im at the- aaaaah!’ *squash*

  7. astute newt says:

    lol it makes for great conversation.

  8. Lolz! Dude! OMG is playing on the radio!

  9. astute newt says:

    I listen to the radio a lot too, it’s great.

  10. Lolz. I have nothing better to do. I wish I could text yall instead of talking on here. Grrr..

  11. lonewolf123 says:

    No way! i forgot to mention earlier, that in social studies, our teacher made us do ‘aerobics’ to the song what i like about you. it was like, latitude latitude latitude latitude! longitude longitude longitude longitude. and then, my teacher had ME go in front of the class and do it by myself. 30 kids and 1 teacher looking. then, 5 more teachers come in, and watch. then, about 15 more kids come in! so, im doing this in front of 50 people. its so wrong.

  12. Wait what is areobics?

  13. lonewolf123 says:

    Hmm… idk

  14. Lolz. Well I got to go. Talk to ya later. 😀 Bye/goodnight.

  15. lonewolf123 says:

    I have toothpaste on my forehead. i bet newton can guess why. no, its not a mess from brushing my teeth.

  16. astute newt says:

    party? besides that I haven’t the foggiest notion

  17. lonewolf123 says:

    what party? is someone getting married? happy wedding day! im gonna get married one day to my gf ;)!

  18. astute newt says:

    why is there toothpaste on your forehead then?

  19. lonewolf123 says:

    pimples. yuk.

  20. Hey is anyone on? My throat has been hurting all day and I just don’t feel good. That’s why I haven’t gotten on today. 🙁 Lonewolf, you on?

  21. astute newt says:

    your favorite smart kid is here.

  22. lonewolf123 says:

    Yah. do you have strept? i keep on getting major headaches, the kind that goes on and off… ugh. sucks. I had to get out of band class. at least tommorows friday! oh wait. tommorows friday. uh oh. we go outside for 30 min at the end of the day. that means that MY GIRLFRIENDS GONNA CHASE ME! AAAAHHH!

  23. Yayyy my favorite smart kid is here! Lolz! And idk if I have strept. I think it’s just because I have been yelling a lot. Lolz. I got lunch detention today. Sucks.

  24. More like singing. Not yelling. Singing LOUD. Lolz. Hey Soul Sister is playing. I want to sing but my throat hurts to bad.

  25. lonewolf123 says:

    Here, let me sing it. hey soul sister, aint that mr. mister on the radio sterio, the way you move aint fair u know, hey soul sister, i dont wanna miss a single thing you do… tonight! heey heeeyyeeh heeeyyyy.

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