werewolves surviving in the human world

As a werewolf, it is difficult to survive in today’s mostly human world. Hiding your identity can quickly get tiresome and often gets more difficult the older you get. As you get older, you will have to support yourself by getting a job – and for werewolves, getting a job means working in a close environment with humans day in and day out – a difficult task. Difficult because your identitiy could be compromised. One good solution to this problem is to move to a less urban environment. Another solution is to get a job that does not require that you go into an office everyday, but perhaps one that you can work alone, or even outside. The world belongs to the humans. In order to survive werewolves must learn how to adapt, and hide withing their world.



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21 Responses

  1. Suki Foxx says:

    humans are dumb ok they could not figure us out unless we wanted them to

    • Loki says:

      no even if you want them to; you can transform before their eyes and still they would believe they’re hallicunating

  2. beckx says:

    yeah true,, humans are dumbs, but sometimes,,there are someones that are ,,kindaa of,, special.and you must protect them…

  3. moonchild says:


  4. me says:

    hm…. i am human but those posts make me angry and happy at the same time… weird ^^

  5. hello says:

    gay gay gay wow gay

  6. hello says:

    vampires rule and werewollves drol
    yah yah yah yah yah

  7. rivkah sorrows says:

    evidently, ‘hello’ is not a real vampire.

  8. Whitetip says:

    If hello even passed as a vamp… I would seriously feel bad for the vamp kind. Who would honestly turn Hello!? Sad.

  9. jo and me are one :P says:

    lol! got the point! ^^

  10. Wolfy.PT says:

    Yeah, that’s really not easy task for a werewolf… there are somedays that i really wish I could disappear from here and be at the mountains, together with the nature and the freedom… just like I dream, free like a wolf. Even the everyday on school gets crazy when your a werewolf! In one hand, you have your truly you, that you want always to follow – being similar to a wolf and do wolf things… but on the other hand, you don’t really wanna get caught, because that can bring nothing less than some looks, or it can make you the center of the attentions and bring you BIG problems! About working on a close environment it took some time, but now i can be more some hours on a closed room… however i dislike it (when I’m on my room, i’m always with the window full opened, helps me to reduce that problem XD).. but i don’t really agree with that one of the world belonging to humans… yes, they’re the live thing with more power on the planet, but they are not his owners, they can’t do EVERYTHING they want, because they will suffer with that to… I beleave this planet must belong to everyone alive and that was born on it (exception for the aliens xD) but i think every life being as the right to it =)

  11. Narcruo says:

    @hello: how old are you, really? sheesh. learjn some respect.

  12. Lycanfan says:

    Really Hello? If you think that about werewolves dont go onto werewolf sites just so you can bash them, annoy people, and be childish! There is no reason to go onto a werewolf site just to say you dont like werewolves or that they arent real!

  13. Hey ppls says:

    Um if there is any real werewolfs out there can u guys tell me when u knew or how old was when u first turned or something pls or even better can someone email me at [email protected] i really want to kno sense when have u known pls i really would appreciate it

  14. guner 2010 says:

    helo my name is David Im 21 and have ben a Werewolf for 2
    years. i was bitten on June 26th 2010 in bolder Montana.
    sens then I heve turnd 32 times I have nameed my Wolf
    Guner to show respect and to deal with what I Am.
    afterall (We are 2 sides of the same coin) right?

  15. nopack says:

    Suki foxx u r wrong like I have said before I’m a new werewolf and became a werewolf by accident. I was a human till,last year and then I had werewolf friends and vamp friends. They never tried to hurt me(okay they did hurt me a couple time by accident) but I understood their struggles because I related them to my human life. So plz from a old human/new werewolf to a old werewolf try to think more about how humans think plz.

  16. Marney says:

    Yes I am 34 and still have a hard time with jobs. I have been unemployed for a while now. Working with humans is not easy and more so if the groups are large. Still trying to find employment.

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