Why not tell everyone? Why keep the secret to yourself? I know there are many, I know there are thousands out there but most keep it secret. They like to live in peace, they live unnoticed by public. Most obey a code they set for themselves, to only tell the ones who matter, the ones who need to know. Sometimes it’s good to know there are others, sometimes it’s not a curse like they say, they love tell tell us it’s a curse…



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  1. SabreWind says:

    The simple fact is most humans lack the understanding to really get the concept of what we are. There are those I am able to tell and I say it with pride because I know we are not cursed, in a sense we’re more blessed than humans. In truth though we are still like anyone else here. We are all children of the Earth.

  2. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    Well, I do not think it is a curse. I have told a select few (some of which had it figured out before I even thought of telling them), because i had thought it was important to tell them. Most of the time, however, I keep it secret, for I do enjoy going unnoticed.

  3. A Real Werewolf says:

    a friend of my girlfriend figured it out on a completly un related incident and she blurted it out right in front of her so my gf was scared as hell and her friend thought it was the best thing in the world oh and also this was in the middle of school

  4. Half-Breed says:

    any 1 on?

  5. Unknown says:

    If Werewolves happens to actually be real, How would you pull off the fact that when you turn you have no mortal controlling of this creature? And what if say i wanted to be a werewolf, how would i ‘happen’ to become one?

  6. Austin says:

    Unknown please identify yourself. I cannot talk to a nameless being. And are you a vampire, werewolf, or human?

  7. Austin says:

    I’m here Half-Breed.
    What are you a half-breed of?

  8. Jo says:

    It is no creature, it has a soul and a choice, and btw sorry by saying it, the werewolf is real believe it or not, and rather very powerful than that movies and stuff and so are the vampires.

  9. Bella Foxx says:

    Are all werewolves the same? I mean the way they are created. I have a friend…who says he wasn’t created by someone biting him or just being born with it. I guess what I’m asking is…are there such things as ‘evil’ werewolves?

  10. Hachina says:

    Yea, but it’s just like asking “Are there evil humans?” Everyone is different, ya know.

  11. Hachina says:

    Also, how close is this friend of yours? J/W

  12. lee ann says:

    Goin out to see how lost i can get! Text if needed or something like that

  13. Bella Foxx says:

    I am one of the only two humans he’s ever told including his parents. He says he’s a killer but he would never hurt me…which I can’t believe he would ever hurt anything. But the look in his eyes and his voice is so seriously dark, I can’t question anything he says.

  14. Jo says:

    ok… then, is he the bountyhunter type, assassin or vigilanty? ^^

  15. Bella Foxx says:

    Haha I don’[email protected]Jo: Haha I don’t know about any of those…he just says he needs to kill innocent people everyday…which I don’t understand why he would need to do that. But I guess it’s a weird rule in his pack. I can’t tell you too much about his pack though, it’s not…safe.

  16. Dream Catcher says:


  17. Rachel Black says:

    Are you guys really saying the truth ? So .. If you go, bite someone and drink their blood would there any circumstance that he or she would be a vampire too ? .. AnD I think werewolves are all nice, because i have read in some myths about it that they shift into a werewolve if there are some danger that will occur in their tribe .. More like their natural enemies ‘Vampire’ as what is listed in the story … Sorry for my words here , Im just an empty shell about this things and I am very curious .. I hope i have the info i need ..
    -Good Vibes GOD Bless to all !

  18. Ash says:

    Do born werewolves start turning at a certain age or are they always able to?

  19. Ash says:

    Also i meet the physical description of dark thick hair long middle finger and eyes i always get told i have enchanting eyes and i feel different the comments on here or old so i dont know if i will get a reply but i want to know if its possible that i am one or if its possible to become one if im not

  20. Gabriel says:

    @Ash: I don’t believe there is an age for shifting, although I hear physical shifting is hard to pull off. Also I really don’t know by those descriptions wether you are one or not, and I don’t know if it can really be determined by physical attributes (extensively)

  21. Lycanhope says:

    @Ash: Physical descriptions mean nothing, there are no physical signs. Why do you think you’re a werewolf?

  22. Margery says:

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