Werwolf Der Wehrwolf

There are a few modern day comics and movies which hint at werewolves during World War II.  Most of these werwolf references do not refer to real werewolves, rather they refer to an actual real human troop which was established in Germany during World War II.

The group was a special commando force created by Nazi Germany called Werwolf (notice it’s spelled without the e….Werwolf is the german name for werewolf.)  It is said that the name for the special task force originated from the novel Der Wehrwolf by Hermann Lons.  In the novel’s title, the word “wehrwolf” is a variation of “werwolf”.  The novel Der Wehrwolf was not about werewolves however.  Rather, it was about a man named Harm Wulf who organizes a group to kill those who killed his family.

(Werewolf books here)

It is not surprising that werewolves in Germany are taken so seriously, as there are a number of German myths and legends related to them.  For example, besides werwolf, another name for a type of werewolf in the Schaumberg region of Germany is böxenwolf. The Boxenwolf is said to be a human that can shapeshift into different forms, and is said to hunt travelers at night.



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