What a werewolf smells like

I mentioned that werewolves do not have any natural predators, and that when animals catch the scent of a werewolf they will stay clear. So someone recently asked me, “well, what do werewolves smell like? As a human, how do I know if I am near a werewolf?”

Well, these are actually two very different questions. There are a few different methods to identify a werewolf, and for humans, this does not really include what a werewolf smells like. Animals will be able to identify a werewolf because they have very strong senses of smell. Humans however do not have a very strong sense of smell. Some humans – those with extremely good senses of smell – might be able to catch a faint hint of the werewolf, but for the most part they cannot. If a human could smell a werewolf, the smell would be appealing, although very hard to describe. The closest way to describe it would be like the very faint smell of wet tree bark.



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46 Responses

  1. The Wolfcub Kid says:

    i got a question and i’d like some help. How would i tell my mate whose gona be leaving for awhile of my condition, or shouldnt i?

  2. preston says:

    like my friend zach would say i would probly tell her if you are very close but if you are not i wouldent but in my oppien i would tell her or him so how old are you

  3. preston says:

    and if you do tell her which i can tell i would say okay um all this is what i said to mymate i am goingto tell you somthing i not lying i am a werewolf and do somthing to show her you are one

  4. The Wolfcub Kid says:

    So, i think i’ll wait. I’m 16, and your lucky i’m saying that much, i trust people here to a point, you never can tell legit people from the crazies on the interweb. I’m usually a very plain person, it’s weird having a secret that i cant really share with the humans in my life so you probably can sympathize with my outreach to this site. I do dare to ask if you have a im of some sort, i’m growing tired of this commenting.

    • Your not a werewolf trust me I know if u we’re a werewolf well genetically speaking you won’t turn until finished with puberty and you would get a taste of what it’s like to have powers then it goes away and the night vision of a werewolf don’t glow the pupils are very black and big and look foggy

  5. Zack says:

    =_=, wow. Werewolves dont smell like wet tree bark. They have a sort of spicy smell. Dont be saying your a werewolf if you dont know the truth.

  6. Blackwolves(alpha is me) says:

    wait…how do you know what werewolves smell like huh? 1.werewolves have a wolf smell 2.wolfsbane makes werewolves crazy and it can kill them 3.silver must be injected into a werewolves body in order for it to kill it 4.werewolves are nit ugly maneating baests that walk on tow legs, they walk on four legs and look exactly like wolves just alot bigger 5.werewolves,in human form, are not hairy at all, dont have busshy eyebrows but they can smell, see, and hear alot better 6.werewolves in human form are stronger,faster,and smarter than any human 7.werewolves have very VERY short tempers DO NOT GET THEM ANGRY!! 8.werewolves in human form have very distict eyes and when mad they give you a stare thats pretty scary 9.werewolves live in packs that includes the alpha hunters elders and omegas that live in remote areas 10.werewolves that have brocken away or were kicked out of thier pack are called lone wolves and must live a normal live around humans hiding the fact that they are a freakin WEREWOLF!!!!! thankyou for letting me share this and i hope you think differently about werewolves now.hehe! im on facebook! befriend me and all of my pack members just search blackwolves and join the pack!! WWHHHOOOO!

    • Filtiarn says:

      Ok, first of all, silver doesn’t do a damn thing, I’ve tried trust me, and second of al STFU I know you’re not a werewolf

  7. Tala says:

    Anyone wanna chat?

  8. savannah says:

    does anyone here actually think they are werewolves?

  9. Slivermoon says:

    I am here!! 😀 are you here.

  10. olivia says:

    Last night i became more beastly i have hair on my: palms,lots and lots of “fur”or hair on my legs and arms,my eyebrows meet in the middle of my nose,i even have hair under my skin.(my cat scratched me.the skin ripped)Today for dinner i had raw steak and i ate alot.(deer meat).i was talking to my friend and hes a werewolf i remembered that a short time ago he bit me on my wrist.I think im a werewolf im not entirely
    sure.Please email me.i need help im not to sure i wanna be a werewolf forever. Im trying to impress a boy im not sure if this will help

  11. olivia says:

    btw blackwolves(alphaisme) werewolves arnt “nit ugly” they are awesome thats kinda offensive to me and other werewolves like my friends

  12. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    dang.well here are 3 ways to tell ifu r a werewolf:u love meat, if your ten, you hit puberty at ten, not any other age, sometimes even nine, and, extremely fast.

  13. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    another is dosent get cold easily

  14. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    i hate people that make fun of werewolfs, ecspeccily if they’re one to

  15. reptile says:

    It’s werewolves not werewolfs kiddie!

    • Hallowed says:

      !WRONG!!!! Grrrrr u nimhrods \\\\ warwolves went extinct smell real gnarly aka road kill or to lure u in uses a scent to me smells of dead leaves a faint dumpster since thats were they eat out of mix with sewage as what they bath in your blood is black lycans lick u are half breeds mor gwar wolf look alikes by having unnaturally the disease catch a fever or allergic to silver can digest anything but prefer eating human flesh u appear still unded eveloped body is only part werwolf im sore not fully like the moon sorry* it pisses me off becus i know werewolves exist forreal.

  16. mvbaurqfiorg says:

    @Blackwolves(alpha is me): 2. no, it does not, well at least not for me(but then again, i am part kitsune, part kappa, and part imp)

    3. silver only burns skin slightly on contact.

    8. sort of, the eyes of a werewolf usually have a pentagram like pattern that appears two days before, and two days after the full moon.

    9. almost never since it is so difficult to determin wether people who claim they are werewolves are or not.

    10. not true at all. you can be forced out, but only if you do something really bad

  17. Tia says:

    Lol this is what Elliot and Erick is like when they look at me and I don’t know how mad they are at me but yer this is what they do

    8.werewolves in human form have very distict eyes and when mad they give you a stare thats pretty scary.

    On the weekend on saterday I had this really scary dream that I was at school and I seen Elliot,and I yelled out Hey Elliot R Tate. He then look at me and he’s eyes went behind he’s head and he’s mouth was open. I look at he’s eyes and then I tryed to run but my legs didn’t move. He kept looking in my eyes then I woke up and my legs hurt and I had tears in my eyes. Today that kind of happen like my dream but I was with friends and I didn’t run and Elliot look at me and he had he’s mouth open and he’s eyes went big when he walk away from us, my legs was sore and I was kind of shakeing. 🙁 I diffent had deja-vo when that happen. :'(
    At 2nd brake when I was going to the liebray I seen Elliot and he’s girlfriend walking my way. I had this really bad feeling so went to the side and went around the bilding. After school I went down the stares and Elliot and he’s girlfriend seen me and Elliot look at me again then sared to run and went right past me and all I hared was Elliot’s girlfriend saying, hu where are we going Elliot?!! I stop and look where they went and both of them was looking at me. :/

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