what are werewolves

Every day werewolves live with who they are, but do humans really know what are werewolves?

What legends say werewolves are…

By most traditional accounts cited in myths and legends, werewolves are what are described as humans that have the ability to transform into either 1.) wolves or 2.) a wolf-like creature. There is much debate and difference of opinion here, and legends say there may be two different types of werewolves – one that is very wolf-like and one that is bi-ped.  These transformations typically take place during the night of a full-moon. In legends, werewolves are often typically said to have an aversion to silver because it is fatal to them – hence silver bullets are often closely associated with the werewolf.  You’ll often hear a particular word called lycanthopry associated with werewolves when you ask the question “what are werewolves”.  Lycanthropy refers to the condition where a human transforms into a wolf.  Humans afflicted with lycanthropy are often called lycanthropes or lycans (in addition to being called werewolves).

Another word you’ll often hear when you hear talk about what are werewolves is the term “anthropomorphic”. Anthropomorphic means that a non-human has human characteristics – this can include anything from rocks, to plants, to animals. You’ll hear werewolves described as an “anthropmorphic wolf creature” – in other words, a wolf creature with human characteristics.
When describing what are werewolves you’ll also often hear the term “therianthropy“.   Therianthropy is the word used to describe humans that transform or shift into animal form.  Therianthropy does not just include werewolves – it includes many other human/animal transformers (human-cat, human-dog, human-fox, etc.).

what are werewolves for real?

The aforementioned description is what werewolves are as cited by legends, myths, and stories. Some of these characteristics are true for real werewolves, however it is important to note that real werewolves are incredibly complex, and each individual is unique and different (just like humans).  A true description of what werewolves are in today’s world would be that  real werewolves can be described as a human that has the ability to “shift” (aka transform) into their animal self either through a mental shift, a physical shift, or a spiritual shift.  Real werewolves are incredibly loyal, extremely private, and very complex.  They are strong, fast, and have keen senses.  They are among the smartest, bravest, and most courageous of creatures.



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6 Responses

  1. Lycanhope says:

    Finally, an acurate description of us, I hope this will stop the stereotypes.

  2. Uh-huh. english please? werewolf no understand…

  3. hrc says:

    this explains my soon to be exhusband

  4. lonewolf123 says:

    Who or What desribes him?

  5. Silver is associated with the moon so are we. The light of the moon is silver has anyone noticed that.

    A werewolf looks like a human but with fur, claws and a wolf head with human cheek muscles and blue, green or yellow eyes (depending on the human.) The hands, arms and shoulders are a wolf/human blend with paw pads and elongated forearms. Everything from the waist down is a wolf. Werewolves look and ARE more powerful than a wolf or human. I have mentioned that topic on world population.

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