What do werewolves eat?

Werewolf 967,

If werewolves kill just for the kill as you state in your post on what goes through the mind of a werewolf, and they do not for hunger or for anything like that, then what do werewolves do when they eat? Do they eat their victims? Or is there a time that they ever really do think they are hungry and they go out and eat animals? Or do they not eat at all when they are in werewolf form, only when they are in human form?



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82 Responses

  1. my mate’s father’s sign is a crescent moon and a five pointed star… if that has any meaning…

  2. Saluna says:

    Many thanks Alpha wolf Rayne. It has plenty of meaning to me.

  3. Värlôc says:

    Never heard of it, but Im sure among my newcomers in the pack, there are a few…

  4. Sasha says:

    werewolves eat whatever they want but never humans, only if there in so much pain with hunger. And a crestent wolf is kinda right but there isnt much of a boundary for where and when…. once you have gotten used to the shifting between bodies, it doesnt hurt, just annoying. you can find werewolves in and forest areas, dark woods with preferably water nearby. No, they are not(or ever) savage creatures…they just look realy scary and big 🙂

  5. Luna says:

    @Chandranath lowell: Great story, and you’re absolutely right.

  6. ashley says:

    this is boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg learing about ware
    wolves is like so non-fictionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! espeacialy for people who actually belive in those warewolzes type of thing. and people who are very dumb and stupid nerdddddddddssssssssss

  7. ashley says:

    warwoves are syupidides

  8. ashley says:

    Heloo is anybody online dud cant u guys see i am online!

  9. @ashley: We normally ignore jacka$$es such as yourself.

  10. @Sasha: Yeah your probably never going to see this, but humans are like desert. Terrible for you but taste amazing.

  11. victoria lee edmons says:

    desert in my world tastes alot like sand…. dessert however…

  12. victoria lee edmons says:


  13. knowledge seeker says:

    @victoria lee edmons: dessert must b finger sand witches 4 u lee ann lol

  14. ashley says:

    who belives in werwolves they are like so retarted

  15. lee ann says:

    @knowledge seeker just out of curiousity what exactly are you implying??

  16. pkletter92 says:

    I thought this fool was leaving forever…Wheres my shiney hatchet?

  17. slayn says:

    you guys think you know a lot about werewolves dont you well guess what they dont kill humans unless provoked or shot at. they dont eat in wolf form and they drink from steams ten bucks you believe every thing holly wood says they are

  18. furball101 says:

    hey guys i think im a werewolf……my teeth gets sharper, my arms get hairyer, i crave meat, i want to howl at the moon and i get agressive

  19. astute newt says:

    on the subject of a werewolf’s diet, I declare….. CHINESE TAKEOUT!!!! wonton soup ftw (in human form, I guess) lol

  20. hopeful human says:

    @ astute newt you probably are the smartest commenter on this page!!

  21. savan says:

    some of you are on some bullshit talking shit about me and my fellow wolves alike.

  22. savan says:

    but the rest of you, you guys got my respect for not talkinhg shit

  23. Shadow Hunter says:

    No offense but no one cares if they have your respect! There is a lot of people who come on this site! No one cares if they have just one persons respect! xD

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