What goes through the mind of a werewolf?


I could give you this answer, and I will :), but I know many of you will disagree with what I have to say. Many of you believe that there are “good” werewolves, which is not true; many of you believe that not all werewolves are evil which is not accurate. All werewolves are created evil, they are all out to cause some harm. The mind of a werewolf is much like the mind of a “monster,” motives are to harm, to kill, to disrupt the innocent. This is the mind of a werewolf, he wants to kill or harm and this is about the only thing that goes through his mind. The werewolf will never think “I am hungry” and then go and kill because he is hungry, he kills because that is what he was created to do. He is pure evil. His mind is pure evil. A werewolf is pure evil.



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  1. Haylo? anyone out there? *knocks on screen* HAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYLOOOOO?

  2. werewolfgirl says:

    we are not all evil.i am a werewolf but i am nice. and so is my one of my best friends. we cant really control what happens to us when we are hungry we turn into a wolf and eat whatever attracts us.
    I am a Royal Werewolf because i have a golden ring around my brown eye color and i love meat,vegetables,fish,geese,and ducks.
    humans=ew i hate the smell of their meat it is not what i prefer and so does my friend. so dont say that we are evil and none of us are nice cause we are.
    ~real werewolf anahit

  3. ILiekPizza says:

    Werewolves are not evil lol. People put them in such a negative light that they become irritated. That explains why we are reclusive.

  4. Halley says:

    I’m a werewolf but I do sometimes kill for no reason but I don’t just for fun so can mis know it all

  5. eclipse says:

    This offended me so much that im considering whether or not I should hunt down an uneeded, rude, nuisance. (hint hint)

  6. Soul Tepes says:

    The question of something being evil or not is under quite a bit of scrutiny. Who can judge something as evil when they are not sure of its orgins. That is what many cultures and religions have claimed as evil. Because it is not their belief, they judge it as evil. who is to say the human race is pure and not evil? Who passes judgement on them when they destroy things.
    Vampyr’s or Lycanthropes both, who is to say they are the work of hades?

  7. nightwolf says:

    @soul tepes: great point finally someone else questions that thought….let me ask you this…if your a “bad guy” but are trained since birth to be that way and its all you know and you grown up and meet a “good guy” why is it he has the right to ki11 you without consiqence and you cant do nothing to him…..my question is what makes a “bad guy” or “evil” well evil? and does that techniqlly make everything evil to something?…..(sorry about my spelling)

  8. Lycanhope says:

    Good and evil is subjective. It’s a human concept, and has as much substance as fog. In reality, they don’t exist, there is merely causality.

  9. nightwolf says:

    still everything happends for a reason no matter how small it is there is still reason…so why do we consider some stuff bad and others not….ex if a army guy ki11s he’s a hero but if a gangster does he’s evil? why is it?

  10. Lycanhope says:

    @nightwolf: Because people are stupid. They want an excuse to do things, so they say they’re in the right.

  11. nightwolf says:

    :/ yah i guess…its all stupid….sadlly the more i learn the more i realize how stupid people are

  12. Lycanhope says:

    @nightwolf: All hail the apparently superior race of human beings, only creatures that happily kill themselves and will wipe out all life on the planet long before any doomsday.

  13. nightwolf says:

    lol funny, yet sadly true…oh well im coverd and ready for doomsday

  14. Titan says:

    The wolf inside of me just wants to hurt someone a SMALL bit but not if the idea is, “GET ME A CHEESEBURGER FROM MCDONALDS!!!” LMAO

  15. Gabrielwolf2012 says:

    @Titan: Might I ask why you suddenly flew around the site throwing out comments.

  16. Nicklaus says:

    @Gabe: It is because he has a say in what everything is either that or he is bored and wishes to comment on everything.

  17. Ella says:

    Do you guys believe in other supernatural stuff,like seers and witches? If so do you know how to control the seer’s nightmares?

  18. Gabriel says:

    @Ella: Do you need help with something? In your first comment you suggested being able to help werewolves, then in your second you asked if there was a way to make them trust you, and now you have asked about nightmares? Now idk what seers are, I mean if its a future teller then count me as one, but aside from that it seems as though your searching for something a bit more on here.

  19. Loki says:

    Neither wolves nor humans are evil. Therefore , a hybrid between them (which is basically what a werewolf is, if they exist) cant be all evil, although it depends on the humans’ character.

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