what is a new moon?

What is the new moon phase?

There is all alot of talk about the new moon. Mainly because the sequel to Twilight is titled New Moon. But what really is the new moon? Which moon phase is considered the “new moon?” How does the moon get to the new moon, how does the new moon look, and how did it get there? Well, it’s actually just as easy to remember what a new moon is as it is to remember the full moon.

The moon has four phases: The new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter. The “quarter” describes the progress of where the moon is in relation to it’s cycle. So, the first quarter of the moon phase would put the moon 1/4th of the way through it’s cycle.

So, the moon’s cycle goes from: new moon —>  first quarter —> full moon (2nd quarter) —> third quarter —> then begins again as the new moon.

Before it gets to the first quarter the moon has to begin it’s (aprox.) 29 day cycle somewhere, it begins as the new moon, the first phase of the moon cycle. The best way to know if the moon is new is if you see no moon at all! The new moon is actually in a position that is between the sun and the earth so all of the sun’s light will shine on the side of the moon that we do not see from earth, this is why it appears that the moon is not there. Think of it as if someone was standing in front of your light source, your light would be blocked and a shadow would be cast where the light “should” have been.

So, the next time you see “no moon” you are actually seeing the new moon, the first phase of the moon’s cycle. 

To find out the which phase the  moon is in now visit: Here , enter your city and state and you get all the details.

For more information on the phases of the moon, or do more research on how the moon works and to get a better understanding from the experts visit: Here.



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  1. lone wolf says:

    i guess i am first to comment.

  2. Hi lone wolf!
    what do you like more; the new moon or the full moon?

  3. brayden horvers says:

    hay werewolf967 i need help plz

  4. Jennifer Austin says:

    Just wondering your opinion…. I have heard references in fiction and literature to werewolves transforming only on the full moon and also references to them transforming through a ‘full moon cycyle’ as in more than one night of being a werewolf. All of the research I have done indicates that the moon is only ‘full’ for one night and therefore it would be logical that a werewolf transforms for only one night when the full moon rises and sets. What is your opinion? I ask because I am trying to develop a character for a book and want other’s opinions.

  5. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    we transform when we feel like it when i get home from school i transforn in the day time if it will still help

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